It’s all About The Flood Around Here

One thing I can say is that this flood will go down in history for a long, long time.  Some info:

Flood Stage for the river is 12 ft.  1993 was at 20 ft.  Crest this evening on the river is to be just under 32 ft.

Over 9000 people evacuated.  (My 20% estimate of the city was too high.  Probably 8-10% of the actual city but all of the CBD and all of the major employers save for two are actually flooded, not just closed)

First ever closing of Interstate 80.

Water supply is at 25% of capacity or less at this point.  And usage is 50% over current capacity the last I heard.  If people don’t cut back there will be areas of the town cut off.  The boys are very excited to be using a bucket which I’ll dump on the compost pile every so often.  Why do boys dig that kind of thing so much?

EVERY bridge into and out of town is closed except the I-380 bridge, which is down to two lanes for cars and one reserved for emergency vehicles.

I don’t know of very many companies that aren’t closed.  My company closed down today.

Iowa City and Coralville are worse off then CR from what I can tell.  At least in my opinion.  They are massively flooded and the Iowa River won’t crest for two more days, or until the reservoir water is lower than the spillway.

Karma got back to me yesterday.  I was boasting about our basement not flooding but it was filling up quickly all throughout the day yesterday.  We would get about 3/4 of an inch every 2 hours in about 40% of the basement.  Good thing we’re native Iowans cuz we had all our stuff on stilts and had tools ready to go.  But, sweeping out the basement every 20 minutes every 2 hours, even through the night, isn’t a ton of fun.  But we’re better off than a lot of people so only a little complaining.

Our neighbor’s basement (she’s deceased but we watch the house for her daughter) fills up with water too but we are sweeping it out only occasionally.  She has a sump pump which keeps it from getting way out of hand and if we swept out both we’d go back and forth basically between the two and do nothing but sweep out water.

More info from the Gazette.

I’m sooo thankful now that I’ve spent so much time reading Sharon’s blog and making emergency preparations.  This would be much worse if I hadn’t done that.  Plus, when the water does recede I’m in a position to be helpful to people rather than figuring out how to get along each day.

I’m going to keep a close eye on the food and water situation here and let you know how it’s going.  It could be a good example of how the future could go for a lot of people.

The group that I worked with to build the example garden for educational purposes is flooded out, and I expect the garden is too.

I’m not going to post any pictures here, but click here to go to the Gazette and see all their pictures.

In other news, this blog since being moved to WordPress has passed 50K visits and is almost at 500 posts.  It’s been quite fun and I’ve enjoyed “meeting” you all online.


2 responses to “It’s all About The Flood Around Here

  1. glad to hear you are doing well given the circumstances. that ought to teach you to boast about good fortune. I used to say our basement was bone dry, and it was for about two years, then…it wasnt.

  2. The boys like using the bucket, I am sure for the same reason you and Benjamin were always whizzing off the front porch step. But I bet they are not using it in front of everyone on Hwy 34, tststs!!! Up and down the sidewalk on your big wheels and ups guess it was potty break time. Nosey neighbors across the street, told on you, it I did not catch you. Kinda like Z hugging the fence when playing in the pool. HNMMMMM, suppose anything”like father like son”. Oh well boys will be boys!!

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