Boat Tour of Cedar Rapids Flood

And a few other assorted videos.  This first one kind of shows the waters building up and how fast the river was moving.  The TV people have said that the rescue boats couldn’t get within 4 blocks or so of the river or the current was too strong for the boats. Needless to say, they weren’t crossing the river either.

Video of the a map of the flooded areas.

In this video there is a quick shot of a DQ at the 2:20 mark which is completely under water.  At the 4:07 mark there is a furniture store that is completely under water.  These two places are at least 5 miles apart.  Perhaps more, I’ve never had a reason to measure them.  Right after the furniture store is a picture of the railroad bridge that fell into the river, even though there were 20 rail cars full of rocks on it.

Personally, I don’t care for their music choices.  Two rather tacky choices I think.

Other things:

Iowa City and Coralville are getting pounded.  As I feared it seems to be much worse than here, although they’ve had more time to prepare.  I’m really concerned about a town called Columbis Junction, which resides where the Iowa River (flooding IC) and the Cedar River (flooded CR) come together.

In Iowa City the University of Iowa straddles the river very closely.  They will probably have major damage to a lot of their buildings.  Also, most of the Coralville strip (main highway with a ton of businesses on it) is under water.  I hear only one bridge across the river in Iowa City still passable, but won’t be for long.

CR appears to only have 3 more days of water before either it’s shut off or boiling order is in effect.  Unfortunately people aren’t conserving water well enough.  If true, it’s unfortunate that some people choosing their personal comfort over the needs of so many others.  I haven’t showered since Thursday morning, so I’m not feeling so fresh.  I’m recapturing water from the dehumidifier to reuse in the house.  It rained again, so my rain barrels are pretty full, although not drinkable.  The tub is still full and we still have all the drinking water I originally stored up.  We are getting very frugal with the water, almost like desert living.  I wish others felt the same way.

Still a lot of businesses open and using water.  I don’t know why the mayor hasn’t issued mandatory shutdowns for them to conserve water.  This is a serious question that I think needs to be asked.  There are even news reports of people trying to wash their cars, even after the car washes blocked their entrances.  Eventually the car washes had to just turn their water off to keep people out. (Are you kidding me???)

Other businesses took the revenue hit and shut down to conserve water.  If I know the attitudes of people around here, they’ll be rewarded after things get better.  I’ve kept a small list of them to frequent them in the future.  I think that kind of community spirit needs to be rewarded.  You won’t be surprised to know they are local stores not the national companies.

It’s hard to get anything done when all I want to do is watch the news for new footage and reports of what’s happening all over Iowa.


5 responses to “Boat Tour of Cedar Rapids Flood

  1. I’m so glad you are ok! I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you and your family a lot.


  2. This flooding looks a lot worse than what it is here in Ottumwa, Ia. We have two streets closed, one of the two is closed because of flooding, and the other one is closed due to sandbags getting filled and they need somewhere to fill them. They were filling the sandbags over by the river but they moved that operation over on our main street (and a big parking lot), and the National Guard and the other group of people need to be able to drive their dump trucks with out having to worry about traffic. I don’t know about Cedar Rapids, but here in Ottumwa we have at least 120 National Guard pepole here (we may have a little more than I think).

  3. Glad to see you guys are still faring well. Saw today on KCRG that they’ve instituted a system to monitor people entering/exiting the flooded area in downtown CR…brought in 750 or so more National Guard to police/patrol the area and they are doing block-by-block checks to ensure that homes are safe to return to (apparently, people had snuck in yesterday and were upset that they now have to go thru checkpoints, be in for a few hours and can only go in groups of 3). Also heard that there have been people posing as FEMA, etc officials to gain access to personal information/property. Hoping that they are able to manage the chaos so minimal looting and theft – don’t need to make things worse.

  4. Lynn–Glad to hear there isn’t any flooding in Ottumwa. My Grandmother lives down there so I was curious about your situation. That’s good to hear.

    We have about 2000 National Guard troops here in CR holding roadblocks and other assorted tasks.

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