Flood update

The river has crested in Iowa City ahead of it’s expected time, and it was lower than expected. That’s great news for them!

And other great news, we can take short showers in CR! Woohoo! I’m still pissed about people not conserving water when it needed to happen. In fact, here’s a run down of 12 bars in the CR area and their activities Sat night. This makes me sick quite frankly. Maybe I’m being petty, but I’ll frequent the ones who weren’t open (voluntarily or flooded) and the lone bar (I like that one anyway) who rated 5 stars in this report.

We did two loads of laundry this morning using water from the rain barrels. We needed to get it out of the barrels so they would have room to fill up with more rain in the future, so we might as well use it that way. I don’t think the garden will need for a while anyway! 😉

The Gazette has more pictures online.

The Red Cross is handing out free water bottles at the local Sam’s Club and also Westdale Mall if you can get there. We stopped and they gave us 90 bottles. I feel kind of bad using the water because it’s Nestle, and they are just an awful corporate citizen. We’ll keep it for a last resort type of use and if we don’t use it I’ll donate it back to someone somewhere. That would make me feel better than actually using it.

Update:  Showers are available but no hot water.  I turned off the hot water heater to save some electricity and now that we can shower we don’t have any hot water until it heats back up.  Oops!  🙂


One response to “Flood update

  1. This is Wendy from the American Red Cross. Thanks for your post!

    For more information about how the Red Cross is responding, visit our online newsroom:

    We’ve got tactical response info (shelter location info) press releases from the 7 affected states, photos, audio, and video.

    Thanks again!

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