Independence Days Update

Planted something: Planted more squash/cantaloupe/watermelon, I can’t remember which one it is that’s growing there now.

Harvest something: Harvested peas and lettuce. Rhubarb and a few onions. Also onion and garlic scapes. Spinach, swiss chard, broccoli also.

Preserve something: Made up quite a bit of strawberry jam, and some with rhubarb in it. (check my storing tab. I’m trying to keep it updated) Froze .75 lbs of rhubarb, 1.25 pounds of broccoli and 1lb of peas. Canned 9 pints and 10 half pints of jam.

Prep something: I ripped out the peas that the rabbits killed and I’m prepping that bed for beans (probably). Preparing some traps to catch the chipmunks and rabbits so they can be transported to a new location. I keep trying to build one more bed for potatoes but it seems to keep getting put off.

Cook something new: Well I made two new jam recipes. And this time the jam actually jammed so that’s a positive. Tried a new recipe for creamed peas, but haven’t actually eaten them yet. Haven’t had a lot of time to cook this past week.

Manage your reserves: I don’t think I ate anything from our storage this whole 10 days or so. It’s been mostly fresh.

Local food systems: Haven’t done anything I don’t already do.

Reduce waste: Nothing new.

Learn a new skill: Nothing new.


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