Gone With The Wind-Best Book Ever?

Hold your hats folks, we have another contender for the best book I’ve ever read. I finished Gone with the Wind before all this flood mess started, but haven’t been able to write about it. Amazing book. Fantastic. Easily on par with The Grapes of Wrath for my favorite book of all time.

When I first started the book I thought it was bound to be a love story along the lines of a soap opera or something. But I gave it my requisite 100 pages and then I simply could not stop reading it. It’s an amazing story. The details the author put in about their adventures and what was happening around them are just breathtaking. Sooo much detail and information. And the tale of love mixed with society’s rules and written in a time period of such huge upheaval in a way of life.

I should have written this down when I finished the book, because now I can’t remember enough to really discuss it the way I want to, but this was such a great book. That’s all I can think of. Such a great book.

I checked out the Wiki page for this book too and some of the info about the author is incredible. This is the only book she ever wrote! And it took her 10 years! I can’t blame her for not writing another book after churning out 1K+ pages with this book. And before the age of computers when it was easy to edit them!


4 responses to “Gone With The Wind-Best Book Ever?

  1. merlotmudpies

    I am really pleased to find this out. GWTW is a book I’ve avoided even though I’m a rabid reader because I just assumed it would be cheesy! How lovely to know I was wrong. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. My sister read this book and said it was fantastic. Based on the movie, I didn’t believe her. I guess I should have. Next time I’m in the used bookstore, I’ll have to see if they have a copy).

    Thanks for the recommendation ;).

  3. I am reading this book right now. I’ve read it twice, both as a teenager. I loved it then, but now I am struck by so much by the fact that we are in a *possible* societal collapse much like happened to the South during the Civil War. Scarlett O’Hara inspires me, but also makes me realize that you don’t survive by being nice and following the rules of society. She was a strong woman in a time when women were as bound by convention as the slaves (not to belittle the plight of the slaves). I don’t think as a teen I grasped the deep societal implications in this amazing book.

    Interesting that you are reading it at this time, too.

    Lisa in MN

  4. I agree Lisa. I was totally hooked into the societal collapse aspects. Also one reason why the Grapes of Wrath was so compelling to me.

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