Independence Days Update

Plant something: Beans, beans and more beans. As peas and greens get pulled from their spots beans go into their location (I know I’m following a legume with a legume but after the beans that spot will be done until next year). I’m really digging this garden size. It allows me to have quite a bit of stuff going. However, I would like more potatoes and sweet potatoes. I’m also running out of things to plant that are short growing but still productive so I can rotate back in the fall to cool weather crops. All I can come up with for the most part is beans. I’ve got more squash than I need in the ground already (which reminds me that I planted three more patty pans squashes), and same goes for cucumbers. So I’m left with beans as my short growing crop? I figure if they are overplanted I can yank up what I need in the fall and put in the fall crops. Also planted some sprouting potatoes into an old onion spot.

Planted this week: beans (green, lima and dried), squashes, potatoes.

Harvested: peas, greens (lettuce, kale, swiss chard), onions (the onions were messing up my weed patch so I had to pull them…), 2 sungold tomatoes (which went to my visiting mother) and broccoli.

Preserve something: Froze peas, spinach and broccoli.

Prep something: Hmm, I staked up the rest of the tomato plants I’m going to make sure deliver the goods. The rest I’ll be happy to pick but don’t care to a great extent if they produce or not. I’m up to 26 tomato plants now that are staked. Last week I mentioned the animal traps, which are not working. The chipmunks are getting the food and not getting caught. The rabbits just don’t care. I’m ready to introduce a pellet gun. I also got some potent urine. We’ll see.

Cook something new: I tried a cooked swiss chard recipe. Blech. Bad stuff. We like it raw in salads but not as a cooked side dish. That’s fine. It’s still healthy that way. We had kale tonight (recipe here). It was kind of a “stoup”, which is strange when it’s so hot, but that seems to be the most common way people eat kale, and I have enough to do that I liked letting this cook away while I was working on other things. The recipe was very good, although I thought it needed a little more spice. (you can seem my comment as Fat Guy in the Kitchen)

I’ve been enjoying baby new potatoes boiled and then rolled in butter, salt and parsley. Very good. I also made strawberry ice cream for the first time. It was very good as well, though I liked the vanilla better.

Manage your reserves: I haven’t done anything here but start to stock back up and rotate things around. I do need to call the chicken people though and get an order placed. Need to look for their card…

Local food system: Nothing. I can tell you though, the flood has really devastated the local food system here that was growing massively. Look for more on this in the future.

Reduce waste: Nothing new.

Learn a new skill: Hmm, I’m learning to trap but you can see how well that’s going. This is strange, but I’m learning how to move water around the yard to water the garden from the rain barrels in buckets. In the past I used a hose hooked to the house with a sprinkler. But now I’m carrying buckets around to pour water on the base of the plants. This won’t work so well in August when the whole thing has to be watered, but it’s OK for now. The barrels are on the front of the house and the garden is in the back. Hoses to reach that far are in short supply. Plus I don’t think there is enough pressure to push it that far. So carry the water I do.

I also learned how to make ice cream with the ice cream maker I got at a flea market. I’m very happy to learn this skill. Now I can pick the ingrediants and it takes soo darn good.


2 responses to “Independence Days Update

  1. Everything was fantastic but the 2 little yellow tomatoes was top notch and the ice cream was most definately a winner.

  2. mmmmm, homemade icecream. mmmmmm

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