Friday Links

I’ll tell you, I’ve seen a ton of great stories lately, which is why I’m sharing them with you. Most come from a Daily News e-mail I get. Let me know if you want info to sign up for it.

A NYTimes story about a potential intervention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Interesting discussion about how Washington and Wall Street set up this financial crash.

Vanity Fair article about the crash of Bear Stearns.

Story about demand for wood stoves, and the upcoming high cost of winter heating.

Story about suburbs feeling the pinch of high gas prices. If you haven’t see the movie “End of Suburbia”, this is sort of a written account of the death of suburbs, like the movie.

Story about CSAs.


2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Hi, Matt – here’s another fantastic link on the housing crisis/Wall Street connection, this one from This American Life. More than anything else, this one helped it really make sense to me for the first time. Actually, when I was listening to it recently, I thought of you. Was sure you’d enjoy it. The whole thing is sort of unbelievable. Some of those loans – just shocking, and yet all the incentives were in place. What’s that quote? “the system is perfectly designed to achieve the results you have now.”

    Keep biking! Very inspiring. And Gone with the Wind might actually be the best book ever.

  2. More shocking than the loans is that Uncle Same is actually going to bail out these companies. Sure most of us own their stocks through our 401Ks, pensions and such, but come on, investing is investing.

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