Monday Links

Chronicling Obama’s march to the right. I’ve been noticing that he gets progressively more centric and closer to the right every week. I wonder if he thinks no one will notice? Maybe no one will notice? So many people are in love with him that I don’t think many will notice. I liked the guy while he was campaigning for the Democratic ticket, but now that he’s starting to change and wear the same spots as all other politicians I might be through with him.

IndyMac bank blows up. 2nd biggest failure ever. Not counting Bear Sterns, etc of course.

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History.  (Scroll down until you see this title in a post title)

The story of the Nigerian Delta, and it’s oil riches.

Interesting story of a soldier becoming a farmer.


2 responses to “Monday Links

  1. I’m pretty dismayed by the whole idea that you need to play to the center to get elected. I suppose McCain has softened a tad too, but I think the Obama handlers wanted him to get to the center quick before someone calls him a :gasp: liberal.

    god forbid.

  2. Jesse “The Body” Ventura for president. hahahaha, hey, he was pretty good in Predator, so how bad of a president could he be?

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