Cabbage, Chickens and the Veggie Man

A chicken got loose again yesterday evening.  I don’t know what happened, except I came back there to get my potato fork and one of the chickens was on the other side of the fence.  It wasn’t happy to be there as it was scrambling around trying to get back, and it’s friend was frantic on the coop side of the fence.  I chased it for a while and then got Rachael to help me chase it down.  Eventually we had 2 adults and 3 kids chasing it and we cornered it against a fence and snagged it.  We trimmed their wings so they shouldn’t be popping over the fence anymore.  Chicken wrangling is an adventure!  Those things are darn fast, and quick.  Now I know why Mick told Rocky to chase the chicken around when he was training for Creed.

A lot of commenters were talking about cabbage and how to prepare it.  My big concern with cabbage is that I went to my go to method of preparation that makes about every type of vegetable go down (stir fry) and it was rejected. In fact, he rejected the fresh peas that were in there as well. (I think they needed to cook longer and be a little more soft)  So if that failed I’m concerned.  I’m going to give this recipe a try and we’ll see how it turns out.

The Veggie Man:  In the post yesterday I mentioned that I was working with some local CSAs to distribute excess vegetables to some food kitchens.  I did my first run tonight.  The farm is fairly close to town, maybe 10 miles or so.  I drove out there and she gave me 46 lbs of broccoli, 20 lbs of lettuce, a bag of beets, 21 lbs of shell peas, 13 lbs of snap peas and 32 lbs of snow peas.  I’m pretty excited about this endeavor.  Before she would compost this excess, not it’s going to people.  Once I get a schedule down and find another driver or two we’ll be able to get some serious local, organic food to the food banks.  She thought she would have enough for me to pick up twice a week until early October.  Rock!  And that is just this one CSA, I have one other to work with (who has expressed interest) and also one on the north side of town that I haven’t contacted yet.

I’m adding a tab to the storing/harvesting tab above to track this.


5 responses to “Cabbage, Chickens and the Veggie Man

  1. That is SO awesome about the CSA donating food that would have simply been composted, and what a haul! That’s incredible! Way to go, Matt!

  2. tryingtraditional

    We love eating our cabbage sliced thinly (this is really key) and panfried in a little bacon grease or butter. Sometimes I throw in a bit of onion and a sprinkle of good cayenne. I’m betting the recipe you have chosen will taste great. My twins call it noodles to tell you how much it changes the texture and flavor of the cabbage.

  3. homebrewlibrarian

    That is so cool taking excess CSA produce to food banks! I wish there were farms close enough to do that here but the closest one is over 50 miles away. Certainly not something that could be done daily or even weekly. But you’ve put that idea in my head – we’ll see where it leads me!

    Kerri in AK

  4. I think kids will like cabbage cooked tender and then creamed, with cheese…

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