Hungry little devils

I’ve been dumping the compost bucket in the pen for the chickens and I’m shocked how much they can eat.  There’s just two of them and they can eat a half a watermelon in 2 days.  My family couldn’t eat the other half before it went bad.  Crazy.  They do seem to love the canteloupe pieces though.  I’m going to keep putting those in there.

The chickens are getting nicer and somewhat more friendly.  I think they recognize the compost bucket when I come out with it.  And they stay close to me now chirping, but I can’t reach for them or they run off.  The dominant one is the most adventurous and will stand the closest to me.

We’ve named one of them Poky, but I have no idea which one it is.  For a while I could tell because it had a scratched nose, but I can’t tell anymore.  I don’t even know if it’s the dominant one, but I doubt it is as it was the most frightened one when they were separated and it got it’s name.

Still no eggs.

My wife says I can have two more chickens if she can have two more kids.  I don’t think that’s an equal trade.

That’s all for now.


5 responses to “Hungry little devils


  2. hahahhaahaha Rachael, good one. Maybe you can work other animals into the deal Matt. Maybe a lamb or pig.

  3. whats the saying? many hands make light work?

    sheesh, what am I doing, I am happy with the current kid count in my own household, I should stop before something karmic happens

  4. Hey, what can I say? I want 4 kids. Matt wants 2. I have to try my hardest to get my other 2.

  5. I am confused though, isn’t the man supposed to just say “yes, you are right” to the woman? hehehehheee

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