Chicken update

Things with the chickens seem to be settling in nicely.  They are still really spooked by me when I go in there.  I thought it might moderate some since I’m usually carrying a green bucket with treats, but not so much.

I just mucked out the coop and run for the first time.  It didn’t really need it, but there was a lot of junk parts of things in there that they wouldn’t eat that I wanted to clean up.  I’m hoping I can find a bale of straw today to lay out in the run to tidy it up and hopefully help keep the flies at bay.  If I don’t find the straw I’ll collect grass clippings the next time I mow and dump those in there.

The chickens were nuts when I was in there with the rake cleaning up, but after I left they were very happy to scratch up all that soil snagging bugs and whatnot.  Some of the stuff had started to decompose already, so nature was already doing it’s thing.

I’ve found that these things are very easy to take care of.  Most of my “work” involves opening and shutting up their coop.  I only have to feed them about every two-three days.  Same with the water mostly.  I’ve noticed they are eating more feed as the vegetation in their run continues to disappear.  When I was heavily pulling up spring plantings earlier they hardly touched their feed, but now that they aren’t getting so many large plants from the garden they are eating more of it.  Soon enough the garden will switch over again and they’ll get more plants to munch on.

I’ve actually been pulling things from the garden to feed them when we’ve had enough for the time being.  They’ve had some kale and swiss chard leaves.  A few broccoli plants there were under producing and a cabbage plant even.  Better to feed it to them than let it go to waste.

Still no eggs. I hope I didn’t get some duds.


3 responses to “Chicken update

  1. how long have the chickens b

  2. no eggs? how long have the chickens been with you?

  3. I’m not sure how old the chickens are. They might be around 18 weeks old, which means they should start laying soon.

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