Amazing what they can eat

Admit it, you thought I was going to talk about the chickens didn’t you? HA! Not this time. This time it’s kids. We eat veggie meals in our house maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Tonight we had nothing but veggies. I boiled some new potatoes (about the size of a large egg) and steamed some corn on the cob. I also served some canteloupe and tomatoes from the garden. The kids didn’t think this was enough for them so I also made them 1 slice of bread with PB&J on it.

And they ate it up. Amazing how many veggies kids can eat when they want to. My oldest had two bowlfuls of cantaloupe, 1 ear of sweet corn, his PB&J and 2 potatoes. The youngest had 2 ears of corn, a shitload of tomatoes, 2 potatoes, PB&J and 1 bowl of cantaloupe. I’d say they easily got 4 servings of veggies/fruit in just this meal.

In other news I had this conversation with my youngest when I was picking tomatoes, or trying to pick tomatoes.

Ethan: Ever wonder why there aren’t any tomatoes on the plant?

Dad: Well I figured there was a tomato monster eating them. Do you know what happened to them? (I know he’s been eating them)

Ethan: There is. I saw him. It was me. I’m a tomato monster. Grrr. (Then he grins) I sometimes eat the green ones but they don’t taste as good as the orange ones. Now I wait for them to get orange. (They’re Sungold tomatoes)

If you knew his grin you’d probably laugh about this. He looks like a Cheshire cat, only he’s got an ornery glint in his eyes.


4 responses to “Amazing what they can eat

  1. I totally laughed at this one. I can see Ethan doing that.

  2. That’s so awesome. I can just hear the conversation, too, and picture a little boy with that mischievous grin saying “Grr!”

    I’m amazed at what my kids will eat. Since we started our quest to “localize” our diet, fresh, local, in-season fruits and veggies are always part of the menu. Tonight, we had roasted potatoes and broccoli/tomato quiche and for dessert, apple crisp. There were no leftovers!

    Wicked cool, isn’t it :)?!

  3. I love it!!!! I can totally see his eyes getting big and wide and then that precious grin coming up with the “I am tomato monster!” Could see and hear so vividly like a video
    If you could get a few green tomatoes, maybe you should fix him a few fried green tomatoes, I don’t care for them myself but he might. Cannot imagine eating them green off the vine like that tho.
    And the eating binges, not getting enough is just beginning.

  4. thats awesome, our kids have really gotten a taste for the backyard as well. Our daughter is constantly in the nasturtiums.

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