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Hen and Harvest is open for business

To fulfill my constant need to stay busy I’ve linked up with another online group to be involved with another online venture. It’s called Hen and Harvest. Sharon has a good write up of it here, and so does Edson here.

I’ll excerpt some of her write up here:

We’re all about serious food production and food security on every scale from container to acreage, from personal to community. And we’ve got food covered at every step of the process, from seed to table. Oh, and we’ll have some sexy stuff (I mean, how could gardening and eating not be sexy?), reviews of useful human and animal powered technologies, great book reviews, recipes, livestock information and anything we deem of interest. We’re still getting going, and I know some of you volunteered to write and I haven’t done much about it – but I am now submissions goddess for the site, so if you have an article you’d like to see reach millions (let’s shoot for the moon, shall we), send it along to my email address We’d love articles about techniques you’ve used, new projects, gardening in special conditions. We’d also love videos and garden porn – pictures of you and your veggies looking delectable, or just vegetables that make you feel all warm and sundrenched and edible

Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. As always I’ll tell you that it will probably cut down on my time writing here, but in reality I always seem to find the time to come back home.


Independence Days update

Plant something: I haven’t planted anything. I’ve been meaning too but haven’t gotten it done. I have some potatoes to plant still and I want to plant more broccoli. I think I’ll need to plant the fall greens in the next two weeks, I just have to find a bed that’s open for them.

Harvest something: Dug some potatoes and onions, pulled up some cabbage and broccoli, a zucchini, swiss chard, kale and have picked some sungold tomatoes. They usually don’t make it on the vine to be ripe so it’s hard to keep an accurate measurement of how many of them I harvest. I also harvested my carrots (pathetic) and parsnips (also pathetic). I harvested one lone turnip (which I must have dropped into the bed because I don’t remember planting it in the spot it was in) but it was so bug/worm eaten that I fed it to the chickens.

Preserve something: More chicken for the freezer. Canned 3 quarts of chicken stock. Also froze some, maybe 6 or 7 quarts. Froze 3 quarts of chicken picked from carcasses that made the stock. Canned perhaps 12 pints of green beans. I froze a ton of peas that I bought from my food distro partner. She was giving away pounds and pounds of them after she served all her CSA customers so I purchased some.

Prep something: I don’t think anything this time around.

Cook something new: I cooked some braised cabbage. I haven’t cooked the parsnips yet, but will soon.

Manage your resources: I haven’t done anything new or different here.

Local food systems: Other than talking incessantly about local foods and gardening I haven’t done anything different.

Reduce waste: Nope.

Learn a new skill: Nope.