Today I’m Sick

Sick of all the chores that is.

I’m sick of the vegetable garden and all the stupid fencing I need to keep out the chipmunks and rabbits.  Why can’t I just have my gardens be accessible like everyone else?

I’m sick of the chickens today even.  I’m tired of screwing around with their chicken run.  I’m tired of wondering if they have enough food.

I’m sick of summer right now.  I want the weather to cool down and for fall to come.

I’m sick of tomatoes.  I barely have any counter space anyway, but even less with bowls of tomatoes on the counter.

Course I did see my first chicken dust bath, which was really cool.  And I got to see how they can till up the garden with their legs, which was also pretty cool.

But I’m grouchy and sick of it all, for today.


7 responses to “Today I’m Sick

  1. AAAWWWWWW, sounds like someone’s got a case of the MONDAYS. :o(

  2. It might just be the heat. Enough with the summer, let’s do autumn. On the other hand, when I feel like that I do a quick inventory. Are you getting enough sleep, large muscle exercise, eating enough protein (or just tomatoes) and do you have 15 minutes to yourself to just regroup? Sermon over. Maybe you could tell us another bad joke or two.

  3. I’m sick of the cool weather and the damn tomatoes that wont ripen.

  4. I think I was just tired of working all the time. I’m feeling better today but I could still use a little time off from the chores!

  5. Why is it that at the start of gardening season we can’t wait to start harvesting, and we imagine a counter full of tomatoes, and think of all the ways we are going to use all the okra and cucumbers, but by now we just want to throw it all in the compost or give it away. Of, I have fencing around my two gardens to keep out the critters. I have two tomato, cucumber, cantaloupe eating labs.

  6. Just found you, oddly enough since you were one of the “possibly related” links at the end of my blog post that wordpress has forced upon me.

    Possibly related indeed! One post about canning and I find new people to stalk!

    I like your blog and I’m jealous of your chickens!

  7. homebrewlibrarian

    I’m sick of cool, cloudy weather for practically the entire summer, squash that just decided to flower (our average first frost date is in a couple weeks) and not getting off my lazy butt early enough to plant root crops. I’m also sick of having chosen to work a job that takes around 40 hours of my awake time every week. The job itself I enjoy, I’m just not very happy that it takes up so much of my week.

    Once I have some coffee, I’ll feel a lot better and the whining will cease. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Kerri in AK

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