Take a Load Off Fannie

The money shot in this video is at the end when the protesters are holding up their signs. Amen.

HT: Mish


5 responses to “Take a Load Off Fannie

  1. The video is no longer available and it is still the same day you posted it. It must have been really good. I wish I could have seen it.

  2. I don’t know what happened to this video. For some reason it was pulled and it had barely been available for 24 hours.

    If I believe in conspiracies I’d say maybe it was because it didn’t speak nicely of our gov’ment.

  3. homebrewlibrarian

    I got the video at 10:20 Alaska time (2:20 am EST, 1:20 am CST). Might have been too many people accessing it when you tried to watch it.

    Kerri in AK

  4. I used to think people who believed in conspiracies were crazy, but things are too weird now NOT to believe that there is much afoot we don’t or refuse to see.

    Free enterprise is a great thing as long as you own enough congressmen to buy a safety net.

  5. It played for me on Automatic Earth about two hours ago – approx. 8am, Wednesday, Sept. 10th. We saw it here yesterday morning.
    Lately there have been a lot of things that disappear off of YouTube – the open mike of conservative talking heads (Peggy Noonan) dissing S. Palin was one that came and went like a mayfly.

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