Where ya at?

You may be wondering where the heck I’ve been for the past month or so.  Hard to say.  Things are just moving and I’m trying to keep up with the flood.  Been busy putting up food, even though I look at what I have and it seems completely inadequate, although at least twice what was there last year.  The freezer is a lot more full than last year, and about to be really crammed when the cow and pigs come home, so to speak.

I was afraid that this Sat would be the last farmer’s market of the year but I see they go on until late Oct this year, so I still have time to pick up a few more squash and apples.  Picked up 100 lbs of taters the other day for $50.  Felt like I should pay her at least $70 but she wouldn’t take more.  (Probably because I buy some of her really overpriced tomatoes early in the year)  I buy quite a bit of stuff from her.

Overall I was pleased with how much food we ate from the garden this summer, although the spring was a lot better than the late summer and fall.  Tomatoes were down this year with the cool weather.  I didn’t get any squash this year (didn’t plant any so that makes sense) and most of my potatoes and sweet potatoes were flooded, so I was forced to buy them, but that’s not so awful, well couldn’t buy sweet potatoes because no one has any.  Didn’t get as many beans as I would have hoped this year, but mostly because one of my packages was mislabeled and by the time I realized it the pole beans were going and making a big mess in the garden and I didn’t have much energy to wade through it and sort them out, so they weren’t picked as much as you would hope.

My harvest totals seem small, but I did the best I could to keep them up to date with all the stuff I have going on.  Perhaps I should just give up on that.  I’m never ever to keep it up.  Been delivering a mad amount of food for the food kitchens, but haven’t put the last couple up.  Maybe I can find them and get them up.  I’ve already delivered the totals to the farmer and unless I have the e-mails they will be gone.  I’ve been happy to be involved with doing that this year.  A lot of food was put to use that would otherwise be wasted and we’re going to step it up with some planning meetings this winter to do even better next year.

I’ve been so impressed working with her that I’m going to sign up for a CSA share next year with her.  I haven’t done that in the past because I’ve always felt like I wouldn’t get enough for my money, but seeing what she gives out if we get half of what is distributed she is still giving out too much.  She doesn’t charge organic prices either for most of her food items.

I’ve been following the financial markets very, very intensely.  Been spending some time managing money for ourselves and others to try to stay a step ahead of the market.  Sad to see it appears that the Senate is going to push through this bailout…er…financial rescue plan (ie a turd sandwich) even if their citizens don’t want it to happen.  And now they’ve added all kinds of other crap to the bill to bribe enough people to vote for it.

We’ve also, for some reason, been spending a fair amount of time entertaining ourselves.  Having friends over, going clubbing, going on a few trips, etc.  I’m not sure where this is coming from, except perhaps an understanding that this will probably happen less in the future so maybe we should get some of it in now.  Don’t know?  Maybe because our kids, and our friends kids, are finally older and now we can do more things as humans instead of just care giving machines.

Obviously starting up another school year and all that entails can be quite challenging.  I wonder sometimes about homeschooling the boys, but by the time I think we can do that financially it will be a few years and by then do I want to pull them away from school and their friends?  I don’t know.  I do know that I could do a much better job of teaching them, at least so that they learn a bigger variety of information, but the energy it would take and removing my salary (which isn’t large but is big enough) from the income stream is a big step.  We’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for now.  Make sure to talk to your Congress people about the bailout package.  One section of it specifically details how foreign companies will be allowed to sell their bad investments to the Treasury so all us taxpayers can pay for bad decisions made by the finance people in other countries.  Good times.


6 responses to “Where ya at?

  1. 100# of potatoes. Wow, thats a lot of frenchfries hahaha. I remember seeing signs on PEI while I was there with farmers selling their taters in front of their house. like 7 bucks for 50 pounds. WOW!!! I am sure you are already aware of this, but the farmers I talked to up there would rather have people come up and knock on their door and ask if they have anything for sale, cuz they can sell it for much more that way then if they were to sell it to the big companies. But, you would still get it much cheaper than at the stores.

  2. I home schooled for a bit and will again if necessary. The only thing I did say was that he would always be able to play with his best friend regardless and we did stick to that and it works fine. 7 years later he still spends time with said friend. I’m almost convinced that he will be able to be successfully mainstreamed again so he might well end up in the friends class again at high school.

    viv in nz

  3. How do you handle 100 lbs of potatoes? Do they keep all winter? What kind of storage conditions are you using?

  4. They are pretty easy to store. They come in 50 lb bags and I leave them in the bags in the basement. I take a basketful up to the kitchen when I need some.

    Here is an article from Iowa State on storing potatoes.

    Or search through Sharon Astyk’s website. She has tons of info on storing food through the winter.

    The big thing is to keep them cool and dark. My basement isn’t heated and leaving them in the bag keeps them dark. They’ll last until Feb/March this way for sure, although they may have some sprouts by then. At that time I can take some that are left and plant them if I want for this year’s crop or buy seed potatoes to plant.

  5. Didn’t you store some potatoes or squash in a cooler in your garage or basement last year or was that someone else? How did that work out?

  6. I stored some apples that way last year and also did squash and sweet potatoes in a storage bench. It ended up being too cold for those in the garage so they went into the basement.

    The apples did fine until it got so cold they froze and we didn’t eat them fast enough (I think we were sick of apples) so we lost quite a few of those. But the squash and sweet potatoes did fine after we moved them downstairs.

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