A couple of videos to share

Click here to go to their site and see the video. (I can’t get the embed function to work either)  This video is from the Colbert Report and I saw the link on the Zahn Zone.

Click on the link to go to the Pile of O’Melays blog where they feature a clip from SNL this week.  I guess SNL will have to be required viewing this election season.

Don’t forget this video of Senator Sanders of Vermont proposing an amendment for the recent bailout…err..financial rescue plan.

And lastly, a video of a speech from the House by Representative Sherman of California. This is the short version, but if you want to watch a longer version there are plenty of choices on the right hand side of the screen.

Interesting stuff.


One response to “A couple of videos to share

  1. I saw the Sanders plan was voted down 99:1. And he was about the only person talking sense in an amendment. vs. the 497 pages of added pork that had nothing to do with solving the problem, and everything to do with getting votes.



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