So excited

I just came back from the market and someone had sweet potatoes!  I thought I was going to have to go without them this year.  Or maybe buy them at the store.  😦

But I was saved on the second to last market of the year.  I’m probably more excited about this then is really normal.  I only bought 20 of them and now I’m wondering if I should have bought more.  Well maybe they’ll have more next week.  I can’t stomach taking these kids back to the market again today to try for more.

I got some brussel sprouts to try too.  We’ll see how that goes.


2 responses to “So excited

  1. I wish you luck getting your peeps to eat sprouts. Mine can spot them at 20 paces, even shredded into tiny little pieces and buried in sauce. Something to do with taste buds I’m told. I must say I find them rather unpleasant too but eat them because they’re good for me!

    Of course they are something I can grow readily – sigh!

    viv in nz

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