What up Times?

The NY Times recently went out of NY city to do an interview with my friend Sharon.  (They stuck it behind their paywall now even though it was available earlier today) Unfortunately, they left their journalistic integrity and honor (what they had) in the city. The article they are writing is about people being extreme greens. They are right in one regard, Sharon and her family out outside the normal distribution for what they do. But, the information in the article is blatantly wrong, and it’s disgusting.

In the article they mention that Sharon’s kids sleep in the same bed to stay warm at night. They seem to imply that they need to sleep together or they’ll freeze to death. What a crock of shit. If you read Sharon’s blog, or her new book Depletion and Abundance, she mentions that her kids sleep in bed together because they want to. Maybe they are cold. Maybe they like to sleep together. Maybe they’re like my friend’s kids who share a bed, even though they use to have separate beds and asked their parents for a bed they can share. My kids share a bed too sometimes. There could be a lot of reasons. I sleep in the same bed with my wife. I guess so we can “huddle to stay warm”?

They also mention that Sharon heats and cooks with wood. Well duh, she has a woodlot on her farm. Should she pay for natural gas or heating oil when she has free materials (and materials with a smaller carbon footprint) on her own land? Where is the sense in that? Perhaps this is even mentioned because the NY Times is trying to make her out to be some country bumpkin, even if her choice actually shows a great amount of thought and consideration in it’s choice? (You can make the argument that wood is not carbon neutral, but either way it’s a better choice than natural gas or oil, IMO) Heck, just from a financial standpoint doesn’t it make sense to use a free heat and cooking source over one that you have to pay for?

Most disgustingly, the article mentions that she doesn’t allow her son to play in a baseball league because it’s too far away from her home. Maybe Sharon told them that, but in a followup post on her blog she mentions it’s because the games are played on the Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

I will admit, some ideas are a little strange. Keeping your trash for a year is pretty far out there, but what better way to really understand your lifestyle’s consumption than to do something like that? I went back to Sharon’s site and read her comments, which really cooled me off. When I first read this article I was hot to trot.

Stupid mainstream press. I use to hold a special place for the Times but now I can see they are just as bad as all the rest. I reuse Ziploc bags and even wash them out so they can be reused . Why not? They last a long time. Guess I’m an eco freak too.


One response to “What up Times?

  1. I think the thing about the article (and the comments section on Sharon’s blog) that irritated me the most was the mis-quote about the temperature of her house. She said it’s an “average” of 57°. See, I get that, because I heat with wood, too. We’ve been waiting for our new woodstove to be installed for the past four weeks, and had to pull out our old woodstove to make room, and so, we’ve not had any heat, even though the night temperatures have been in the 30’s and day temperatures only into the 50’s. It was chilly in my house. But so what? We have blankets and sweaters and wool socks, and 50° INSIDE is really very different than 50° outside. No one is going to freeze to death when the temperature is 50!

    I hang-dry my laundry outside in the middle of winter with snow on the ground, use cloth bags, buy second-hand clothes, have reusable “feminine hygiene” products, heat my house with wood, grow some of my own food, raise chickens, AND I live in the suburbs. I guess I’m an eco-freak, too.

    Personally, I think we’re in good company :).

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