It’s official, Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.  I’m pretty excited about the future, but perhaps for a different reason than most.

The media has been focused on his victory as a triumph for black people, and how he is the final culmination of all the effort put forth by those great Civil Rights leaders in the past.  And they’re right, sort of.  It is a great moment for race in America, if you think race matters in America.  I for one, don’t think it does.  Maybe that’s because I’m white and I haven’t experienced race issues, but for all the talking I’ve done, reading I’ve done and people I’ve listened to I’ve only heard race mentioned in this Presidential race by 2 kinds of people; The Media and people I would term as a little bit country (personified by a white guy of about 60 with a drawl and usually some stubble on his face).

No one else gives a shit about race.

The thing I found the most inspiring about Obama’s victory last night was that it was a victory for the little guy.  It can best be summed up by the first three words of the Constitution.  We the People.

We the People took back our political process from lobbyists and corporate interests.

We the People beat back the GOP and Clinton political machines.

We the People voted with our feet, our volunteerism and our small checks that WE were ready for change.

We the People said NO MORE!  Our country will not be controlled by those with the deepest pockets.  We WILL NOT ALLOW this to happen anymore.

We the People decided that we had hope.  Hope for our future.  Hope that we could take back our country.  And Hope that we would be victorious.

WE were.  WE ARE.

We the People need to make sure this fruit doesn’t die on the vine.  We need to feed and nurture it make it grow. We need to make it grow so future generations don’t have to go through what we’ve gone through in the recent past, and what we’ll be experiencing in the near future.

Ben Franklin was asked way back in 1787 as he left the Continental Congress if we had a republic or a monarchy

“A republic, if you can keep it” he responded.  A republic, if you can keep it.

America, it’s time to keep it.  It’s time to stay involved.  It’s time to earn it.  WE have to pay back these founding fathers now with our action.  Don’t let this enthusiasm die.  Feed it and make it grow.

Together, WE CAN.  Together, WE WILL.


5 responses to “Hope!

  1. Remember he is not a god, he is a tool. He is only useful if we use him. This is like waking up on Christmas morning to find that your wife has bought you that whiz-bang chainsaw you never thought in a million years you would own! But it won’t chop down trees unless you use it.

    Motivate. Organize. Protest. Stop buying. Start doing. Grow food.

  2. The little guy didn’t exactly win; Obama spent more money than any presidential candidate in history, and voted with Bush/McCain on some of the most important issues that affect us all directly — the Iraq war, FISA, and most recently the bailout. He’s not exactly the Great Hero you paint him to be, in my opinion.

    That being said, I hope he actually listens to the people who voted for him and makes some drastic changes — and soon.

  3. Susan–

    You are correct that Obama spent more than McCain on the election, although I wouldn’t say he spent more than McCain until the DNC and RNC publish their figures.

    I’m fairly certain when I read through my post that I don’t call him a Great Hero. In fact, I think the great Hero of this election is the American people. I was convinced before this election that there was no way the Democrats would win, because the GOP has stolen the last two elections.

    But the American people wouldn’t let it happen this time. I’m proud of them for that.

  4. I came across your blog and was wondering how you feel now about Pres-Elect Obama and his message of change when over half of the positions he has appointed have in some way been connected to the Clinton years?

    • So far I’ve been disappointed. We’ll see if it picks up. I like how Obama has laid out his important objectives, and set some plans in motion. I don’t like his plan to address those problems but it’s possible his might work as well as my thoughts might work. Unfortunately I think the problems he’s facing would destroy the presidency of any president. I hopeful thought that he has the intelligence to recognize when situations change and change his responses with them rather than sticking with a plan that is proving to be wrong, like our current guy.

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