It happened!

Finally, it happened.  We got an egg!  And then another one!  Two.  Perhaps two of the most expensive eggs in history, but hopefully the price per egg will keep coming down.

Other than the dog kennel I bought the chickens they have been a ridiculously inexpensive “pet” (or animal) to have here at home.  Much less than the purebred terrier we bought 10 years ago.  Not to mention vet bills, fixing her, etc.

And we got eggs from it.  Sweet!

And, urban chickens made Newsweek recently.


6 responses to “It happened!

  1. It is about time!!!!!!!!

  2. Yea! Those will be the best eggs you’ve ever eaten. Its been 19 days since you’ve blogged, thats way to long.

  3. Ours are still laying although I think grandma has passed her egg laying time – she is now almost 9 though so I think she deserves some retirement. There are 3 generations of her chicks in there (the ones we kept) and rather a lot more we gave away.

    viv in nz

  4. congratulations! its nice when things work as advertised.

    the big question is…

    how do they taste?

  5. We haven’t tasted them yet. The kids dont’ want to eat them! ??? We’ll get that figured out soon enough.

  6. we are still waiting for our pullets to com on. congrats on yours…

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