The Food Supply

(Sorry for all these rapid fire posts but I have things to say that aren’t of a mixed topic)

There’s been some news stories lately mentioned food scarcity.  Some of it from lack of money, or job loss or even in some cases food banks running out of funds.  A farmer in CO had 40K people show up to dig up their own veggies (although I wonder how many went to waste when people didn’t preserve them) and Daily Kos has this interesting (albeit a little sensational) article about problems in the heartland.

USA Today has had stories about food pantries and information about eating more cheaply.  I can say, this year is the first time I ever remember seeing corn in the fields this late in the year, and we’ve already had a 3 inch snow and some serious ice, with another 3-5 tonight possible.  (Not to mention a little flooding this summer)  This seems to be in line with what the Daily Kos article is saying.  Weather has played a big role in our food supply this year.  Will that lead to food supply problems?  I don’t honestly know, but things sure do seem to be stacking up in that direction.

I’ve decided to issue a little challenge, Crunchy Chicken style.  For the forseeable future every week when I go to the grocery store I’m going to spend a few bucks and buy some food to donate to the food bank.  Maybe some beef stew, mac and cheese or soup.  Cans of tomatoes or maybe a big bag of rice.  If I do a little bit each week it won’t be a lot to me but over time it will end up being a fair amount of food.

Is anyone else interested?


9 responses to “The Food Supply

  1. I’ll take your challenge – and I was thinking along the same lines today.

    At one of the local grocery stores, they have these boxes of food for $10 that you can buy to donate. I thought that was pretty cool.

  2. That $10 idea is great. In fact I’m going to suggest that to my grocery store!

  3. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Sign me up – a long time ago I had to have a food box and I’ve tried to give back every since. I didn’t buy the holiday box because I’d rather see people getting food they can actually use, not stuffing cranberry sauce and a turkey. Last year, the small non profit I’m secretary treasurer of gave nearly $500 to our local food bank. This year, we are donating to a charity in the area that gives homeless teens a place to live and teaches them life skills. We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of teens kicked out of their homes; the financial stresses are getting to be too much.

  4. Excellent call. Sign me up, and I’ll pass along the challenge as well.

  5. Good idea. I am in.

  6. Good idea! I shop at a locally owned chain and they have a 55 gallon barrel at the exits that people can put food in on their way out and they donate it to a local pantry. I wonder if Hy Vee would consider doing this?

  7. Dan–The HV here does that too. Makes it easy to guy something and donate it right away.

    Do we want to track this or something or just do it? I’m open to whichever. I can set up a special page for it.

  8. This weird I issued the same challenge 2 days after you did, but never knew I was being a copycat 🙂

    I’ve been donating for a couple weeks now and have always been able to find good healthy food on sale to donate.

  9. what a great idea. it’s so simple to throw one more of something into the cart when you’re roaming the aisles. every year a friend throws herself a great birthday party where every gift is a donation to the food bank. some people bring food, others write checks or bring cash. this year my son and i helped her deliver her gifts. it took two cars to get everything there. with so many holiday parties and gift exchanges going on just think how easy it would be to put out a basket and feed someone who needs your help.

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