The Food Supply Challenge

Recently I mentioned that I was going to start making small purchases each week and donate them to the food bank, and a few of you were going to do it too.  I did that this week.  This week I bought and donated 2 boxes of spaghetti, 2 cans of tomatoes and 2 boxes of instant oatmeal.  Wendy also bought some things to donate.  How’d the rest of you do?

Wendy even gave this little initative a fun name.  ‘The Food Supply Challenge”.  Thanks Wendy!

The chickens have been laying eggs.  They taste so good!  I keep them in a special place in the fridge and we only eat them when we want eggs by themselves, so we can enjoy the flavor.  If they are to be an ingrediant I use the store bought ones.

Now, I just have to figure out how we can get more chickens.  Rachael doesn’t want anymore but now I want even more.  Two aren’t able to keep up with the demand here in the house!

That’s all for now.


8 responses to “The Food Supply Challenge

  1. Five seems about the right number round here. We were after six but one turned out to be an ooops and being that we’d given them as a couple of extra chicks for the boys to raise we didn’t have the heart to just eat him. Anyhow there isn’t much substance to bantams.

    So we have in order of age, grandma and grandpa, fluffy bum, houdini, raven, scruffy and junior. Grandma is 8 now and not laying but is sort of an old habit. We’re thinking of letting her bring up a couple of replacement layers as she is a great mum and the cage will hold two more (we hope).

    viv in nz

  2. My husband and I normally pick a family from our churches Angle Tree, but this year everything was taken very early. So instead we are calling one of the local food banks we support and asking them what they need. The money we would have spent on a family we will take to Sam’s and buying the items most needed. We usually spend about a hundred dollars on our family so this year it is going for food. I think you need more chicken too. Even as an ingredient it will make such a big difference in the way thinks taste.

  3. Right after Thanksgiving we took a bunch of groceries over to our local food bank. We also bought a box of local food from a farm group in our area, but we couldn’t get there on pick-up day, so we asked them to donate it to somebody else.

    Our goal this year is to grow some extra food in the garden for the food bank, and donate some of our summer surplus of eggs too. We’re not getting any eggs at all right now. 😦

  4. homebrewlibrarian

    Every year, I donate food or money to our local food bank. This year while browsing their web page, there was a plea for more turkeys. Evidently, they buy all the turkeys for the holidays at once and had to dip into the Christmas allotment because the demand at Thanksgiving was so high. I called and asked which they’d prefer, money or turkeys, and they told me that with their bulk discounts, money would bring the most help. So that’s what I did and marked it for turkey purchases.

    My note to self for the coming year is to periodically see what sorts of foods are needed and bring a bag of it. I deliver food once a month for a food pantry my church contributes to so may just bring along my donations on my day to drive. I’ve done that a couple of times when coworkers had foods they didn’t need or want.

    Also, a friend from church and I will be holding an earth stewardship adult study class starting in January. One of the things we plan to do is put in a garden at the church. Some of what we grow we’ll give to church members but we’d like to donate the majority to places that provide meals to homeless people. It’s a new thing for our church so we’re not sure how it will go. Wish us luck!

    Kerri in AK

  5. What do you feed your chickens? Have you had problems with pests? A friend had chickens close to my house and raccoons kept on getting to them. She didn’t fence in the coop, though.

    I proposed a deal to my wife that we would get a dog for her if I could get chickens. She bit! We haven’t gotten the dog yet, but I will wait until spring before I get chicks either way.

    Does CR have an ordinance for numbers? Des Moines code says up to 30, but they coop must be at least 25 feet for neighboring residence. Not sure if residence entails house or property line? One neighbor would be down with them and not sure about the renters.

  6. I didn’t mention earlier that I bought a few $5 premade bags the last time I was at the store for the food bank. I wasn’t sure what to get and figured the premade bags were made with items requested from the food banks.

  7. I feed my chickens scraps from the kitchen and layer feed. Also some scratch grain. After I finish this bag of layer feed I’m not going to buy it anymore because it is loaded with crap. I just bought it because I thought they needed it. They love the scratch grain. Of course in the summer they get garden gleanings, grass and bugs when I let them out of the pen.

    Gene Logsdon seems to agree with this ration as well:

    I have them in an outside dog kennel. I recommend this. You can always find used kennels on craigslist and they keep them contained, secure and it’s much more attractive than building a run with chicken wire.

    I couldn’t find any ordinance in cedar rapids detailing what to do about chickens. As far as I can tell if you aren’t a nuisance you are pretty free to do what you want.

  8. the kids and i picked up our first chicks on black friday. i figured if you have to shop, might as well spend the money on something of real value. right now the gals are housed in the bathroom but as they weather gets more predictible they’ll move to the yard. although the girls are a violation of the civic association rules, my neighbors are happy to have them around. two ladies have said that it reminds them of their childhoods. i think every kid in a 5 block radius has traipsed through my house to congregate in the bathroom and stare at the birds.

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