Seeds galore

Well, possibly not this season.  Check out Sharon’s post.  Apparantly Fedco is already out of some items, and people aren’t even ordering their seeds yet.  You may want to think about ordering your seeds soon if your a gardener.

Just what we need.  As food get more expensive, and more scarce the means to grow it yourself disappears because of incredible demand.  This really could be a catastrophe.


3 responses to “Seeds galore

  1. graaaaavy, well, I’ve got plenty of chard seed, enough to spare if anyone needs some. some odds and ends from last year, but I’d better get orderin…sheesh.

  2. Nice. I’ll have to put an order in early at Seed Savers this spring. I have my seed order from two years ago that’s mostly intact, but this is impetus to stock up.

  3. As I read Sharon’s post I figured, ok she had some problems getting seeds but that doesn’t mean I will. Then when I read the comments and realized that people weren’t getting there full orders from some of the same places I get mine it made it a little more personal. I’ll get started on my order. Thanks for Sharon’s link, I’m now a fan of hers.

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