Who throws a shoe? Really?

I’m assuming you’ve all seen the video of Bush ducking some thrown shoes.  One word: Hilarious.  Can’t believe that happened.  Reminds me of the assissin in Austin Powers that throws shoes to kill people (and was that a James Bond character before that?).

I understand that is a big insult in the Middle Eastern world, but how did that come about?

In other news on this side of the world, the chickens made it through the night last night when it was about 30 below zero with the wind chill.  I expected that I would see little chicken-cicles this morning but they were fine, and they each laid an egg too.  I did turn the lamp on this morning though so the coop has to be around 30 now.  I’m sure they are loving it…

My oldest one lost his first tooth.  Very exciting times in our house tonight.  Unfortunately he swallowed it so he had to make a note for the tooth fairy about the situation.

There’s been a lot of talk lately on this blog and others about food supplies and food shortages that may be coming up in the coming year.  In fact, you should go over to see Sharon’s predictions for 2009.  She was very accurate for this year (although past performance is no guarantee of future success) but it may give you some idea what to expect in this coming year.  Anyway, I’ve been storing some flour (white, I know, but it’s the most used one) around our house (I try to keep about 35 pounds on hand) as well as some whole wheat flour in the freezer.  What I really wanted to mention was my other method of storing calorie dense foods.


Pasta is a loss leader quite frequently in the supermarkets so each week when I go I buy 2 or 3 packages of whatever is on sale.  (Along with a few for the food banks)  This gives me the calories of bread, but stores without the same spoilage concerns.  Also, it pairs well with a lot of vegetables, so by default it helps us eat the necessary food items like tomatoes, celery, onions, garlic and carrots.  That means we’ll still be getting some decent nutrients whereas with bread we would mostly be eating butter with jam, if we end up eating nothing but pasta.  It also fits really well in soup.

Anyway, that’s my idea.


4 responses to “Who throws a shoe? Really?

  1. I think either consciously or subconsciously a lot of people are thinking the same thing, the pasta shelves looked a bit thin the last time I went shopping.

  2. Pasta is a great storage item. I have several boxes in my pantry. It’s a quick, versitile meal. With only a can of tomatoes and some spices and veggies you have on had, you have quick meal. Or some olive oil and butter and spices and even some Asian sauces work well.

    I like white flour cause it stores longer than wheat. Not as good nutrionally as wheat flour is the trade off.

  3. I haven’t been our here to read your blogs for a LONG time. But, I have to admit that the chickens are kind of cute. I went to get the eggs the other night and they were sitting on top of the coop and they were fat and fluffy and if they weren’t chickens I would have wanted to pet them or hug them! Ha ha!

  4. Happy Christmas to you and the family (including chickens).

    Pasta is great. A tin of soup makes a good sauce too.

    Our favourite lunch in egg season is a slice of toast with fresh spinach from the garden, a couple of slices of tomatoes and topped with an egg or so (two for us because they are bantams), a sprig of basil or some chopped chives and salt and pepper to taste. 🙂

    viv in nz

    ps That’s what we had today!

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