Goals for 2009

I’ve got a few things I want to do this year.  I figure if I put them in electronic stone I have a better chance of meeting them.  We’ll see how it goes.

1.) I need to lose 30 pounds (at least) by June. Ideally I’d like to lose this by the end of February, but I doubt if that would be healthy.  So, 30 pounds in 6 months.  5 pounds a month.  Should be doable.  If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a fan of food, so I’ll have to workout like crazy because I’m not capable of changing my food habits much.  Sure I can cut back more on the crap I eat (no 3 PM snickers) and I’ll even try to cut back on my portion sizes (which is already sort of working) but I’m not someone who can cut way back and stick to it.  I end up crashing and binging.  So, I’ll have to do this through hard work.  I figure 2 hours a day of exercise should do it.  We’ll see.  My current weight is 278 pounds.  Yeah.  Really.

2.)I’m going to spend more time with my kids, doing what they want, not what I want. In the past I haven’t always dropped what I was doing to hang out with them.  I’m not saying I’m going to now, all the time, but I’m going to make sure to say “OK” instead of “In just a few minutes when I finish…” more than half the time.

3.) I’m going to try to be less of an ass bag. This doesn’t come through on the blog very much, but I can get pretty down sometimes and ride people pretty hard.  For a long time I wonder if I had a problem, but I’ve come to the realization that I read too much depressing news (which gets me down) and I force my thoughts on other people a little too often.  I also try to do too many things at the same time and I also have the type of personality that pushes too hard.  I’m going to try to be “more chill” about things.  I’ve got a plan to get ourselves out of debt.  I’m going to work it instead of sniping and grumbling about every dollar that gets spent.  No more being crabby when someone does things their own way instead of my way.  Etc, etc.  In short, the goal is to try to return more to who I was before I got wrapped up in Peak Oil, global warming and economic depressions.  It should be a challenge!

This is actually really hard because I find it hard to be excited about a lot of things when I see the future in front of us I see, not to mention it’s hard to be excited about Hawkeye football or TV shows or whatever else when I think about what all people should be doing to prepare themselves instead of wasting time and money on this stuff.  You can see my problem here.  I’ll probably spend more time talking about this because I have more to say on it.  I thought I was doing a good job dealing with all this and still being integrated into “normal” society but I’ve had some talk lately that helped me realize that I wasn’t doing as good a job at this as I thought I was.  (Nothing like outside perspective to open your eyes)

4.) I’m going to start riding my bike to work again. I stopped because I was transporting children to day care.  While I’ve tried to take them with me it makes for long days at work for me and at day care for them.  Plus, I have to get them up at like 5:30 to get out the door on time.  It’s tough.  But, we’re going to have an in-home care person for them this summer (hopefully) which means that I can get back on the bike.

5.) I’m planning to rent another garden plot and use it to grow some food for the chickens.  I’ll grow some food for us too, but I’m going to figure out how to grow some for the chickens too.

6.) I’m going to expand some of the local food initiatives I was working on last year, as well as work on some other programs to bring low cost food to low income people. I’ll write more about this from time to time so you can see how this is progressing.

Those are my goals for 2009.  I need all of you to keep me honest and make sure things get done!


12 responses to “Goals for 2009

  1. NIce list. Here’s an idea. Everytime you feel like an “assbag,” drop and do 10 pushups. It’s reinforcement to cut down on the assbaggedness, as well as helping you towards your 1st goal. Also, check out this website for a great workout that is most of the time, much less time consuming and VERY effective. It is tough though, I’m not gonna sugar coat it.

  2. I don’t know how far your bike ride to work is but are you going to count that as part of your 2 hours of exercise? Walking works great for me too, I lost 25 pounds in about 4 months and my exercise was biking and walking. Things I love to do anyway. Oh, and gardening.

  3. great list, I’ve been known to delve into states of assbagitude myself.

  4. Thanks for sharing your list. I’m usually a huge list-maker, but for some reason it’s just not materializing for me yet this year. Still ruminating…

  5. Aaron-

    When I can do that I’ll let everyone know!

    Ben–Thanks for the tip. I’ve spent some time looking at that and I think I’ll try it. I wont’ be able to all the moves because of lack of equipment but I think I can substitute well enough.

    DiElla-I would count my bike ride as part of my exercise. It is about 4.5 miles which takes 20-30 minutes depending on if I’m awake or tired or other factors.

  6. We will look so fit and trim when we see Benjamin and Debbie this summer they will not know us. I too am on the fitness beat. Have lost 12 pounds since I changed jobs, started the 2nd job and joind the Adult Wellness Center(makes me feel like a young chick going there) and I do feel more energetic. Maybe get the boys involved to help you excercise at home. Just some of the good old fashioned jumping jacks and running up and down the stairs.
    Hang in there on the assbagitude(I like that word) will take time to change some of that but you have a great wifey to keep you in line. Just grin and bear it.
    Love you

  7. Hey, Aaron, I do not think even Benjamin can do that!!!!

  8. Hey Matt, until you are able to do real pullups, do jumping pull ups. You jump and pull at the same time. Also, kip during your pullups. Use your legs abs, etc to get up above the bar. Use things around the house in place of weights, bike, bags of dirt or whatever for squats and shoulder press, etc. Try this for a nice intro to crossfit. 5pull-ups/10push-ups/15 squats. Do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. No resting. just 20 minutes of straight exercise. There is probably a crossfit gym somewhere in CR or IC, that would be worth going to get the technical stuff explained and learn how to do it. If you have any questions, email and I will try to help you. Or I can call you sometime if you would rather. No mom I can’t do that. I doubt I would EVER be able to do that.hahahahaha

  9. Matt- way to get up and worked out this morning. You sounded like you were going to die!!! LOL!!!!!! I am SO happy you are doing this. You will have so much more energy and feel so much better. We should take GF’s advice and include the boys at night. They would love that.

    GF-Way to go on the 12 lb loss! You go girl! I gained 7 of the 12 pounds you lost. I have a goal of losing 6 lbs before we head to Vegas at the end of February. Those darn holidays get me every time!

  10. I felt like I was going to die. No pain no gain baby!

  11. Way to go Matt, I finally got Ron going to gym. I don’t care
    if he looses weight but get fit. I’m sure it will make him feel
    better. So know I’m going to gym and then swim. Wished everybody else likes it.

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