Workout Day #1

I promise I won’t bore you every day with the activities for that day, but I probably will on occasion.

This morning I did a Cindy.  A Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats and you repeat that circuit for 20 minutes with no stopping.  I substituted dips for pullups since I don’t have a pullup bar.  I made it 10 minutes.  Then I did a stomach circuit of crunches, leg extension/knee ups (lie on back and extend legs out and pull up to your chest) and also bicycle pedaling.  I did this for 10 minutes.  Then I promptly died.

At lunch I did a circuit where I run a quarter mile, do 5 lat pulldowns (trying to simulate a pullup) at 150, 5 bench presses at 155 (assuming the bar weighs 65 lbs), 10 kettle ball swings (with a dumbell as I don’t have a kettleball) and then I did 10 leg lifts on the leg lift thing.  I did 2 circuits of this and then walked another quarter mile and then stretched and stretched.

Tonight I did 35 minutes walking on the treadmill, 20 wipers and then stepped up on my kitchen chair until my legs cramped up and were too tired to do anymore.

All in all about 90 minutes of exercise.

I’m digging this Crossfit thing.  I wish there was a gym specializing in it closer than Des Moines (2 hours or so).

I planned to workout yesterday but a migraine changed those plans.  It happens.  I’ve done good with the food so far.  I caved today and had a few chips at work and yesterday a few Ritz crackers.  But overall not too bad.  Even if I’ve been hungry at times.

What is Crossfit? Or ask Nicole.


8 responses to “Workout Day #1

  1. believe it or not, once you get your muscle base built up, you won’t need to do anything other than crossfit. It will take a while to get there though.
    You can scale it back at first, by doing 50%of the workout, then the next week 60% and so on till you are doing the full workouts. If you want, I can send you what Debbie and I are doing each day, and you can try that. Find something for the pullups. a floor beam in your basement, something. Crossfit says to use your whole body to get yourself above the bar, this helps your abs and lots of other parts. As you probably noticed, there is a lot of cardio involved, even though there is not a ton of running. How many rounds of Cindy did you do in those 10 minutes. I will email you a few workout ideas. I am sure you will find that they gas your pretty good.

  2. I’m not sure how many rounds I did in that 10 minutes. Maybe 7-9?

    Man, my triceps are stiff today!

  3. Good on ya! We just re-started P90x and I’m having a tough time moving my arms above desk-level. 😉 We’ll try to bug ya every now and then to keep you honest!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!! KEEPIT UP!!!!

    Just use your stairs till you get into shape and not the chair.

  5. When Pukie the Clown shows up, tell him I said ‘hi.’

    Crossfit is a killer! I’ve looked at it… and that’s about it. I’ve been having decent luck with a combination of regular weight-lifting and kettlebells.

  6. When I start to feel sick I slow down!! I wish I could get my hands on some kettlebells.

  7. If you’re going to get some kettlebells, mail order is the way to go… the ones sold in big box stores are usually of low quality. I was in a class where someone accidentally dropped their boxmart-bell on a gym floor and cracked the handle off.

    Dragon Door are the gold standard, but are expensive. I have a DD 35 pounder and two 52’s from Perform Better that are also quite nice. I ordered one from PB and it arrived dinged up (tears in the vinyl coating (looked bad, but didn’t affect the performance of the bell at all). Sent email to their customer service and they sent me out a replacement free. UPS didn’t pick up the old one, so I got two for the price of one.

    There are other decent manufacturers out there, and many of them have periodic sales, where you can save 20-25%.

  8. Yeah, I checked out Dragon Door but they were like $100 each. Wow! For that price I’d rather have a broadfork I think, and think of all the exercise that would be!

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