Pasta possibilities

OK, is it just me or does pasta get underplayed here as a food choice?  It’s always displayed with a red sauce with maybe some chunks of vegetables and ground beef.  There are so many other possibilities.  Especially pasta carbonara.  I think that might be my favorite way to eat pasta.  I also enjoy a good cheesy bake as a nice dish.  What is it with everyone and their focus on red sauces?

I make carbonara for people sometimes when they come over and they are shocked that the pasta can taste good without the red sauce.

Do any of you have an non traditional way to eat pasta that you enjoy?


5 responses to “Pasta possibilities

  1. This is no big deal, but we like pasta such as fettucini cooked then mixed with a small microwaved (from frozen) container of spinach souffle. You don’t cook the souffle enough that it will be 100% set or it will be harder to mix in with the pasta. Then add parmesean and eat it. So simple and so good. At least we think so.

    Another thing I do fairly often is brown a few boneless, skinless chicken pieces, then add mushroom soup (or any kind, really) and simmer until done. Meanwhile, I boil pasta and then mix in with the chicken and soup when the chicken is cooked.

  2. I like to bake pasta sometimes, and one of my current favourite ways is to chunk up some red onion (8 segments like an orange), peel and bite-size some kind of small squash, throw in a couple sliced cloves garlic then roast the lot in a medium oven until cooked/browned and smelling good (30-40 mins). Meanwhile cook your choice of pasta, drain it, add it to the browned veg and stir in 3 ounces of creme fraiche or soured cream. Serve with lashings of grated parmesan.

  3. Ian–Does the pasta soak up all the juices from the pan? I wonder if diced tomatoes might be good in there too, although that moves the pasta back to a red sauce…

  4. I have to say that tomato-based sauces over pasta are probably my least favorite way to eat it.

    I like to make a cheese sauce using fresh (heavy) cream and grated cheese (parmesan makes an alfredo sauce, but I also like it with cheddar, which is easier to find from local vendors).

    My girls like it when I keep things very simple, though. We often eat pasta with just garlic, butter, and some herbs. A favorite herb is peppermint crushed and mixed with the pasta. It’s even better, if I take some (leftover) chicken, chopped fine, and add it to a pan with generous amounts of olive oil, butter and crushed garlic, and toss in about a teaspoon (or so) of of dried mint (crushed to release the flavor). I pour that over the pasta, mix well, and serve.

    It’s “shrimp season” here in Maine right now, and I’m enjoying fresh shrimp cooked in butter, olive oil and garlic with some mint and basil, which is served with pasta.

    My eight year old loves pasta served with pesto.

    A while back I took some leftover spaghetti noodles and added it to stir-fry. It was delicious!

    I’ve also made a sort of “Swedish” meatball with gravy that’s served over pasta with a side of cranberry sauce.

    And I, often, add pasta to a chicken soup base, along with some beans, crushed tomatoes and shredded “greens” and make a sort of Tuscan-style chicken soup. I’ll grate a hard cheese over it when I serve it – usually with a crusty bread.

    My girls like “alphabet noodles” added to just plain chicken broth.

    I guess pasta is kind of a staple in my house *grin* ;).

  5. A tin of whatever soup the kids choose is good although odd in a few cases – pea and ham pasta?
    Chicken soups tend to be favourites.

    I usually add some fresh veg to whatever it is.

    viv in nz

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