Weight Loss Update

It’s been a busy week. Sorry for the lack of posts. This week was the week of tiredness. All the activity caught up with me and I was tired, tired, tired.

Still am, even after teenager levels of sleep this weekend.


Gained a pound back this week. It was a really bad week for me food wise. I followed my WODs but I want to increase the activity level more. Even though I’m usually really tired when I’m done I’m not sure if it’s enough activity. We’ll see how this week goes. I’m going to get back on the food wagon and see if I can lose a couple more next week.


One response to “Weight Loss Update

  1. Not sure if this will be encouraging, but my older brother, who gained weight in his early-mid thirties and had a lot of trouble getting it under control, is now (at age 50) a healthy weight. He rides his bicycle about a hundred miles a week. Not many pounds came off in the first few years of his bike riding, but as he kept it up and added a couple days a week of a weight-training routine, he did get to a healthy size. He still really enjoys his bike rides.

    I remember my brother’s being discouraged about how hard it was to lose that weight, but it did finally happen. I think he had friends who were just always thin and some other friends who lost weight more easily. It may be that, for you too, the weight loss will be slower than for some other men, but eventually the exercise should work.

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