Weight Loss Update #5

It should be a gain update.  I found 2 of the pounds from last week that I lost.  263

I figured that my weight would be up this week.  I had a hard week food wise and I was eating a little more every day anyway to try to combat the tiredness.  It didn’t help the tiredness much so I’m going to cut the food again.  I do feel stronger this Sunday than most Sunday’s lately, but that might be a combination of easier week in the gym and the extra food I shouldn’t have had.

We’ll see how next week ends up.  I’m hoping later today to re-write the train post, if I can remember what I talked about.


5 responses to “Weight Loss Update #5

  1. Are you giving yourself at least 1 day a week to rest? That means, no real exercise. Gardening, playing with boys, and a few other things are ok, but no REAL exercise. That could help you with your fatigue, as well as it gives your muscles a chance to heal and grow.

  2. Sundays I don’t seem to do much but lay around!

  3. Actually, I just was wondering what you’ll change your blog name to when you’re done?

  4. Let’s wait and see if I actually get below 240. That has been my threshold before where I wasn’t able to drop below even riding my bike 10 miles a day and playing tennis or basketball at lunch.

  5. Hey fatguy, keep up the good work! Just found your blog and liking it a lot. Rest assured, you are doing good work in the world even if you never lose another pound. But here’s hoping you do. I’m currently 208 (that’s 300 in guy-pounds) and I keep figuring, if I just do all the work that needs to get done around here, I’ll have to get skinny! Good luck!

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