Seed starting among other things

Tonight I led a discussion at Cub Scouts with 6 kids about running a garden, starting seeds, what plants grow well here and what plants go into certain foods (pizza sauce, salsa, etc).  I also talked about how these plants start small and end up pretty big all from the energy of the sun, the soil, the fertilizer in the soil and time.

Overall it went a lot better than I expected, although I didn’t cover as much as I had hoped.  I took a lot of my early seeds there tonight and had them do my work for me (he he).  I’ll still be stuck doing maters, peppers and other late season plants.  The downside is that I ended up with A LOT of trays planted but not really any idea what went in them.  One kid dumped a whole packet of lettuce seeds on his trays.  Another planted way more kale than I could ever wish to have, but, I figured that would happen when I decided to do this.

Man, 6 kids firing rapid fire questions at you while you try to maintain some calm is tough.  Not to mention massive amounts of seed mixture and worm castings are flying around.  The boys got a huge kick out of worm poop as fertilizer in the mixture.  I think maybe more lecture before they got started with the dirt would have been better.  After the dirt came out all bets were off!

The plan is for them to come back in May to see how the seeds turned out.  We’ll also talk about garlic, potatoes and other plants that I didn’t bring at that time.  Not to mention they are very excited to see the chickens.


2 responses to “Seed starting among other things

  1. homebrewlibrarian

    A friend from church and I are teaching an earth stewardship class for adult Sunday School. We meet twice and month and the second meeting is devoted to planting something. January was peppers, February will be tomatoes.

    There were four of us, three folks besides me, two of whom had been children’s librarians. I talked first about seeds and what to do when the sprouts came up and a bit longer about why the price of organics was higher than conventional. They were very patient with me but kept looking at the rubbermaid tote in the middle of the newspaper covered table.

    Even adults will lose focus when you have a box of potting mix, a soil block maker and seeds. I totally lost them once the lid came off the dirt. Glad I talked first! At least they carefully inserted a single seed in each soil block and everyone went home with a set of four blocks carefully covered in plastic wrap.

    I’m going to have them bring their sprouts back at our next meeting to transplant them up. I think they can be trusted to do it properly. Oh, they loved getting their hands dirty!

    Kerri in AK

  2. I’m very excited about getting our daughter into the spring planting. I really wish our church had some kind of stewardship group like yours, I wish I had the time in the day to organize one. Ah c’est la vie.

    I’ve got a little plunger syringe type thingy for small seeds, something like that might be ideal for kids to resist the urge to dump a packet into each block.

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