Weight Loss Update #6

260 this week.  (I know I’m late but I did weigh myself on Sunday)  I lose the two pounds again (does that mean they count as 4????) and an extra one.  That puts me down 18 total so far.

The loss has really slowed down since I started eating more.  But, my energy level is through the roof.  Trade off I guess.  I’ll get worried if I stop losing.  As long as I’m still going down I’m happy.

I’m going to Vegas next week for my once a year business trip.  I hope that doesn’t kill me on the scales.  We’ll see.

I have to start carrying a notepad with me because I had a lot to say but I’ve now forgotten it all.  Sorry.


One response to “Weight Loss Update #6

  1. virginialandscaping

    Listen to your body- it knows what it needs. I’m down 103 pounds so far, and when I get lethargic or monkey-hungry, I eat (good clean food, of course). I’ll take a disappointing week on the scale here or there.

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