Last one gone

Well, whatever it was came back and sort of got the other one.  We came home from work yesterday and the other chicken was outside the pen, but the door was closed.  I found a small hole which might be where the critter made it’s way into the coop, or ours got out. 

Normally the chickens move around when I come to them.  They are rather hard to catch.  This one just stood there and let me pick it up and look it over.  It was pretty banged up.  I won’t describe it.  But it wasn’t dead.  I had to put it out of it’s misery though.

Strange feelings of guilt about the life of a chicken that died because of my lack of observation of this hole.


3 responses to “Last one gone

  1. It is easy to overlook a small hole like that.
    Maybe next time a better coop.
    I am sure the boys are upset too.

  2. awww.. sad! even though those things scared me it is still sad. How did it die.

  3. A friend at work lost all her young chickens(about 60 of them) – several a day. Her husband set up a video camera pointed at the chicken house (the top was enclosed – thus “house”). The culprit was a raccoon. He could stick his paw through the chicken wire and when they got too close he just swiped them up one at a time.

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