Farm update-Week 3

I’m a little tardy this week sending out your weekly e-mail.  I’m sorry about that. Things are still a little light coming out of the farm space.  This week I expect you’ll have some lettuce, radishes and potatoes.  The potatoes will be very fresh and will surprise you if you haven’t had a garden fresh potato before.  My favorite fresh potato recipe is below.  If you are conscious of your heart you might want to take a pass.  But if you like butter read on:

Gently boil the potatoes until they are cooked but still firm.  Place them into a large bowl with a good helping of butter and salt.  Add some dried parsley (fresh would be OK too) and swirl the potatoes around until they are completely coated.  Serve while still warm.

With farm fresh produce simple preparation is the key so you can enjoy the fresh taste.

Starting tomorrow we will be having a lot of youth involved at the farm space helping us weed, plant and tend plants, as well as do some building.  We are planning to add some nice outdoor spaces to the farm location.  Perhaps later this summer we can have a get together there and enjoy it!  In early July we will also have kids from the Matthew 25 summer meals program begin work, as well as summer daycare kids from St James United Methodist Church.  This is all part of the mission that you support with your involvement.  Not only do you get produce but you help us train the next generation of farmers and gardeners, as well as teaching them how they can provide for their own families.

My constant worry right now is the amount of produce that we’re producing.  Right now we are quite low (lower than I expected even) but I’m confident that later this summer we’ll make up for it.  My counting this week shows better than 15 cucumber plants.  (If you know cukes you know how much even one can produce)  We have in excess of 40 summer squash plants, over 20 pepper plants and rows and rows of green beans, not to mention the 70 or so broccoli plants that are in the ground and the 200+ onions.  I know the produce is coming, but it’s all later season items.  We’ll keep on top of them and keep all the spaces full and planted and I can make a promise to you that we will keep cranking out the produce until October comes.

We have some garden and food related events planned in July.  On July 9th the Tool Library is hosting a worm composting class so you can learn how to compost at home using worms, and you can even see our worm composter in action!  On July 30th the ISU extension office will host a preservation 101 class at Groundswell.  This class will cover basics and focus more on freezing items than canning.  Stay tuned for more information about them and let us know if you have any questions.  We would be happy to answer them.



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