How to start an urban farm book

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If you are interested in learning some of the tips and tricks around starting an urban farm check out my e-book about the interesting things I learned while starting up an urban farm in Cedar Rapids, IA.

This book is 72 pages of things I learned while setting up an urban farm. Permits, variances, how to find land, tools you’ll need or not need are all detailed in this 72 page book.

Included in this book about urban farming are two planting calendars and a list of tools you’ll need to run an urban farm, and the tools that might be useful on typical farm, but not an urban farm.

I’ve also included information about other farming books, both urban farms and non-urban farms.

It’s yours for just $14.99.  And, if you buy now, I’ll promise you as the book is updated you’ll receive an updated copy at no charge for as long as the book is available via this website whenever I update the book and add more great information!

A portion of the proceeds from the book go to the Matthew 25 Ministry Hub to help support their urban farming initiatives.


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