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Boiling potatoes in the oven

Did you know that you can boil potatoes in the oven?  Intuitively it makes sense.  The oven is a heat source and it boils liquids.  But I had never tried it, until tonight.

We had to be out of the house tonight while a brisket was braising in the oven.  Normally I boil the braising liquid down and make it into a gravy.  But how to make the mashed potatoes if we were going to be here?  Well, the oven was going anyway so I figured I would throw the potatoes in and give it a shot.

I cut up some Russets into normal sized pieces, added them to a cast iron pot with water and salt and toss them in the oven at 325.  We got home about 1.5 hours later and they were perfectly cooked and ready to be mashed.

I’m amazed and shocked.

Now I’m thinking of all those times I’ve been boiling up potatoes to make mashed when I could just toss them in with the roast chicken or the ham.  What a great new piece of information!

Good luck ya’ll!