Monthly Archives: December 2006

Garden girl video

Peaknik has a very nice video available to watch

 The only question I have left is how do I find out what channel this show is on?



You feeling the pressure?

I sure as hell am.  I got a pressure cooker/canner for Christmas, and I could not be more excited to bust it out and use it. 

In fact, I’m so excited that I know I’ll be using it to cook meals in the very near future.


And look out this summer!  I’m going to be canning everything I can get my hands on.


Christmas memories

The last installment of the Groovy Green Christmas is up today.


Gift recycling

I have another story up at GG.

Click here.


It’s for the rest of us.

Think Christmas has gotten too commercial?

Why not celebrate Festivus?

It’s for the rest of us. (Make sure to check out the picturs of all the festivus poles from around the country. Want your own pole? Click here.)


Let me see that blogroll…

There has been a few good posts written lately that I think need more coverage.

Liz at Pocket Farm wrote a nice little piece about consumerism.  (Follow the links to get all the details.)

Ka-bar at Moral Equivalent of War wrote a very sobering piece about the true obligation levels of our federal government.  Just our federal government.  You have to follow the links to get everything out of it.

Steve at Groovy Green wrote a nice article about how to make candles.  A skill that will be more important as energy costs continue to rise in this country.

John Michael Greer at the Archdruid Report has written a very good multiple part piece of a possible world after peak oil and after global warming really kicks into gear.  I’ve linked to his blog but scroll down and start on Christmas Eve 2050 and read upwards for each blog post.  Very good creative writing.

Now, someone out there needs to write something up about how to render lard because that’s something I need to know how to do.


Nothing but Nets

You want to make a difference this holiday season, or the next time you need a gift for someone who already has everything?

Make a donation to the Nothing But Nets foundation.

For a simple $10 donation you can save a life.

This group takes the $10 you donate and buys a mosquito net to put over a child’s bed at night.  No mosquito bites, no malaria, no death.  Pretty simple.

For the price of 2 drinks from Starbucks you can save the life of a child.In fact, if you think about how a family can put more than one child under the net you might even be saving more than one child.Pretty damn amazing.