This is a list of books that I’ve read that I feel others should read. Topics here are Peak Oil, sustainable living, understanding food in America, farming/gardening and traditional cooking. I included links to Amazon because in some cases they had the best information about that book, but where possible I referred you directly to the author. I do not receive any kickbacks for anything you may purchase from one of my links. In fact, if the books interests you go to your local library. You’ve already paid for the book there with your taxes.

This list will expand as I remember others I have read and value.

A Long Emergency

Omnivore’s Delimma

Fast Food Nation

The Party’s Over

Square Foot Gardening

Lasagna Gardening

The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It

Pastured Poultry Profits and You Can Farm! by Joel Salatin

Better Off

The Way we Eat: Why our Food Choices Matter

Nourishing Traditions

Population Explosion

The Cholesterol Myth

Gaia’s Garden

How to Build an Earth Oven


Deep Economy

Root Cellaring

Fair Tax Book

Classic Lit rankings

The Grapes of Wrath

Gone with the Wind

To Kill a Mockingbird

Winter of our Discontent

The Hobbit

Main Street

Slaughterhouse 5

Crime and Punishment


Animal Farm


13 responses to “Books

  1. Try Gaia’s Garden if you want your mind blown on gardening and Noah’s Garden to do the same for landscaping. Fukuoaka’s One Straw Revolution changed my life.

  2. I have read Gaia’s garden, which I’ll add. It was a great book. I have read the other two so I’ll put them on my list. Thanks

  3. Hi, Fat Guy on a Little Bike! I love your book list–I’m doing a FoodShed Summer Reading Pick of the Week that you might like. Go to Click on the FoodShed Summer Reading Pick of the Week from the On the Menu list on the right. I choose a different book every Friday and I’ve posted about five books already (okay, summer starts early here in the South!).

  4. Hi Matt,

    One book that I always refer to is Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison. It has so many fantastic practical designs for homes and edible landscapes.

  5. I’d add “Putting Food By,” the classic guide to canning, on that list. I refer to it over and over again. During our year of eating only local food, I canned hundreds of jars of produce, sauces and condiments, etc. I even made sauerkraut but never had the guts to eat it after knowing how it was made. “Putting Food By” was my safety net for making sure I didn’t kill off my entire family.

    I’m adding a link to your blog on the food page of my website.

  6. Hey Matt,
    Another book of interest that I was just reminded of is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (ok, so I had the video as a kid, but there is a book out there) – When Dr. Seuss tackles environmentalism, mass–consumerism and the need to do things differently if we, as fellow creatures on this planet are to continue on…you’d think it’d get some attention (from the little searching I’ve done, looks like it was banned for a time, there was a response from pro-lumber, and certain lines were edited from story, after objection). Just a thought. 🙂

  7. Ok, another book – May be similar to Gaia’s Garden — The Natural Garden Book: Gardening in Harmony with Nature by Peter Harper.
    Book Description:
    As Peter Harper explains in his introduction, “This is no ordinary garden book…far from putting everything in its proper place, we physically mix the elements and combine their functions.” The Natural Garden Book is an essential guide to creating a productive and healthy garden as well to understanding the healing and spiritual aspects of gardening. Packed with practical information on everything from soil improvement to creating a garden sanctuary, and illustrated with scores of drawings, diagrams, and color photos, it will help you to work in partnership with nature through sound organic and ecological practices. Peter Harper is a landscape designer with a background in biology; he is the author of The Natural House Book.

  8. Another book to check out: Barbara Kingsolver’s _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle_.

  9. I will second Animal Vegetable Miracle. It changed my life.

  10. I will give a third to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; encouraging…may increase the desire to push for an acreage.

  11. I am experiencing the same epiphanies you are. Glad to know I am not alone. Now…to change the world one person at a time. But how? And where to start? My old suburban housewife friends think I am a zealot! I am!

  12. A big book that has info on a bit of everything…food storage, animal husbandry, recipes, gardening, etc. “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by Carla Emery. A really handy resource! And yes, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” is really an excellent book.

  13. Through this clause, the Founders sought to guarantee that the ideals for which they fought would be faithfully preserved for future generations of Americans. ,

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