Local chow

I put this page together so that if you live close by you could find local suppliers of food items. I figure, if I’ve already done all the work to find them I might as well get the word out so others can find them too.

Feel free to drop me a note if you know of others in the area.

mattamayer (at) gmail (dot) com


Sugar Creek Farms–A purveyor of fine meats north of Waterloo, IA

Rehberg’s Pure Hampshire Pork–Antibiotic free, naturally fed, outdoor raised. 319-938-2840 or lmrehberg [at] yahoo [dot] com. Their slogan is “Pork raised for the eating experience”, I like that.

Miller Farm-Organic and Heritage Turkeys in the Kalona area. 319-656-3518

Suhr Farm-Free range chickens 563-382-4988 (attends Cedar Rapids farmer’s markets)

Red Fern Farm-Heritage Turkeys in the Wappello area 319-729-5905

La Quercia Prosciutto-American made Prosciutto

Jordan Creek Bison-Locally raised Bison. Solon, IA 319-644-3535

Ridgeview Farms-Grass Fed Black Angus Beef. Ely, IA 319-848-4833

Galen Bontrager Farms-Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, Pastured Poultry and more.  (319) 646-5443


Hen House Eggs–Distributed by Kalona Organics in local area Hy-Vee stores. Eggs are also easily obtained at most Farmer’s Markets.


Farmer’s All Natural Dairy–Organic dairy farmers who sell milk, butter, etc from Kalona, IA

Heartland Creamery–Pastured dairy farmers in NE MO area.

Radiance Dairy–Pastured organic dairy products from Fairfield, IA. (My hometown.)


Paul’s Grains–An organic grain farm in the middle of corn country.


Millstream Brewery-A microbrew in the Amana Colonies

Jasper Winery-Newton, IA


Faeth Orchards-Fort Madison, IA

Restaurants that cook with local foods


Lincoln Cafe-Mt. Vernon, IA 319-895-4041

The Drake-Burlington, IA

Cafe Dodeci-Washington, IA

Rudy’s Tacos-Waterloo, IA 319-234-5686

CSA info

Compass Plate CSA-Grinnell area (more info here)

Supernatural Organics-Marion, IA (Cedar Rapids metro)

ZJ Farms-Organic CSA in the Solon/North Liberty area.

Organizations that could use your support

Local Foods Connection


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  1. I miss Millstream Wheat

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