Fatty’s info

I’m a 34 year old convert to the simple way of living.

This blog is a random place for me to talk about environmental issues, my family, ironic things I come across, neat things to share, cooking, Peak Oil, gardening and occasionally biking.

I’m a contributer at Groovy Green, a website that seeks to inspire and inform people about environmental issues as well as Hen and Harvest, a website encouraging gardening, local foods and inspiring people to be self sufficient growing their own food.

Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions.

mattamayer (at) gmail (dot) com

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3 responses to “Fatty’s info

  1. I am a 29 year old convert to simple living. Wish I’d started earlier, but better later than never. Biking has been my savior. Just started a year ago and has changed so much about me, including really helping my asthma which was something I didn’t anticipate. I ride a 2006 Specialized Allez Elite and a 2006 Hardrock which I have turned into a commuter bike (rack, bell).

  2. I’ll split the difference and be the 30 year old convert. 🙂 Well maybe not complete convert, members of my family all at some point or another did these sorts of things individually as a hobby (gardening, carpentry, cooking, mechanical repair, sewing, etc) I’m just combining them all as a lifestyle. I just found this blog but I can tell already I’ll be in familiar territory.

  3. Welcome Kory. I’ve been enjoying your blog as well. Hope you stick around for a while.

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