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Subsidy garden

Roger Doiron has done it again with another great graphic displaying the agriculture situation in America, when compared to the White House garden.

Check it out here.

It’s a really great example of how what people need to eat, and should eat for their health, is not respected as such by the government and where they put their dollars.  Very little of what is subsidized is actual food grown for human consumption, which the graphic shows is great detail.


8 years in 8 minutes

In case you haven’t seen it yet…

Orlov Hits One Out of the Park

I don’t agree with every single things he says, but for the most part he is spot on.

Club Orlov

Fantastic writing.

The Days After

I trust you all have had a nice Christmas, maybe gotten some things you wanted and seen some family.  I don’t have much to say really other than to just mention that I know I haven’t been posting much lately.  I’m not sure why.  Part of it, I think, is that I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to keep up with what all is going on in the world around us that I haven’t had the energy to put out any writings.  Part of it is making Christmas gifts.  Part of it is just laziness.  Some too can be placed at the feet of Facebook and my new attention in that direction.

(by the way, if you’re a member look me up.  I go by Matthew though.)

A commenter today asked how I felt about Obama’s appointments.  Well, disappointed.  I almost feel like it’s Clinton #2.  I have no doubt that Obama will do a better job of leading the administration than Hillary, or McCain, but if he choose the same messengers wont’ the messengers tell the same message?  I have been inspired by his list of objectives as he hits office running, although I disagree with him on how to accomplish some of his objectives.  Love it or hate it, the stimulas package seems to be coming.  At least he is not just tossing out money but directing it to some useful purposes.  Infrastrucure is good, as long as it’s used to say upgrade electric transmission lines, sewer lines or get some kind of green energy infrastructure up and running.  Not so good if it will be wasted on bridges and roads.  Trains, water ways, canals, etc would be great.

My big concern is debt, debt, debt.  The government keeps piling up more debt.  They are paying back debt with debt (and have been for a while).  That’s kind of scary.  Now they are talking about him being sent a bill for $800B – $1T for Obama’s stimulus.  What if it goes back to Congress?  Will they take on another $200B like they did with the TARP bill?  It sure seems possible.  While I initially thought an infrastructure bill would be good for the economy I’m not so sure now.  I would be all for this is we weren’t having to borrow so much.  But by having to do that we are really shooting ourselves in the foot.  Not so much now, but sometime in the near future we’ll feel it.  The Automatic Earth has been doing a great job following all this so make sure to check them out.

I don’t know about you all, but I didn’t think my stores had that much less business.  However, there was the same sales for the big retailers that other people were seeing, even though we aren’t having the layoffs like other areas, yet.  We did good with our spending although I did go overboard for my wife’s birthday.  Probably shouldn’t have, but this might be the last time for a decade or so.  We’re anxiously watching some of the store flyers for heavy discounts to pick up items we think we might need in the next few years.  Extra clothes, shoes, blankets, tools and other utility items.

That’s all for now.  I’m glad I forced myself to sit down and do this.  I’m going to try to figure out how to e-mail post and maybe then I’ll be able to get more things up.  I can just shoot them off from work!


It’s official, Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.  I’m pretty excited about the future, but perhaps for a different reason than most.

The media has been focused on his victory as a triumph for black people, and how he is the final culmination of all the effort put forth by those great Civil Rights leaders in the past.  And they’re right, sort of.  It is a great moment for race in America, if you think race matters in America.  I for one, don’t think it does.  Maybe that’s because I’m white and I haven’t experienced race issues, but for all the talking I’ve done, reading I’ve done and people I’ve listened to I’ve only heard race mentioned in this Presidential race by 2 kinds of people; The Media and people I would term as a little bit country (personified by a white guy of about 60 with a drawl and usually some stubble on his face).

No one else gives a shit about race.

The thing I found the most inspiring about Obama’s victory last night was that it was a victory for the little guy.  It can best be summed up by the first three words of the Constitution.  We the People.

We the People took back our political process from lobbyists and corporate interests.

We the People beat back the GOP and Clinton political machines.

We the People voted with our feet, our volunteerism and our small checks that WE were ready for change.

We the People said NO MORE!  Our country will not be controlled by those with the deepest pockets.  We WILL NOT ALLOW this to happen anymore.

We the People decided that we had hope.  Hope for our future.  Hope that we could take back our country.  And Hope that we would be victorious.

WE were.  WE ARE.

We the People need to make sure this fruit doesn’t die on the vine.  We need to feed and nurture it make it grow. We need to make it grow so future generations don’t have to go through what we’ve gone through in the recent past, and what we’ll be experiencing in the near future.

Ben Franklin was asked way back in 1787 as he left the Continental Congress if we had a republic or a monarchy

“A republic, if you can keep it” he responded.  A republic, if you can keep it.

America, it’s time to keep it.  It’s time to stay involved.  It’s time to earn it.  WE have to pay back these founding fathers now with our action.  Don’t let this enthusiasm die.  Feed it and make it grow.

Together, WE CAN.  Together, WE WILL.

Vote in this Poll

Senator Sanders of Vermont has a poll on his webpage about the financial situation of our country.  If you are interested in voting in it follow the link below.  He’s a pretty smart guy (especially for a politician) and he sends out a pretty good e-mail if you want to give him your e-mail address.

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