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I’m steamed. The greenhouse that I buy my compost from has decided to stop selling bulk compost and only sell it in plastic bags at local stores. So now instead of getting a whole truck bed full, with no packaging, I have to buy it in 40 lb bags.

Not to mention the price difference. I could load up the truck for $9. The same amount of bagged stuff will cost around $50, at least. Thankfully I make my own, but I don’t think it’s enough to cover the whole garden.


Another victory for the man.


Update: I tore into the compost pile yesterday when the rain broke after writing this post and it turns out there was  a lot more in the pile than I expected.


It turned out to be about a foot deep and 4 ft in each direction.  It wasn’t all completely degraded, but that’s even better in my opinion.  I’ll still need more for other beds I’m filling up, but this will keep me from having to buy as much.




It quenches your thirst

sta70565.jpg This is my wife’s preferred beverage of choice when she’s out riding the bike.


It’s Wednesday

Sorry I have put anything up for a long time. You know how it is. Tons going on, been sick, first nice weather of the year, tired, big projects, still searching for a new job (I lost out on two which was a little tough to swallow) etc. Anyway, I’ve got some things going down so you’ll be hearing about them soon.

I guess I did something right with the seedlings because they are going OK. Of course my labeling system sucks and since they all look the same I’m really not sure what the hell these things are. I think they are mostly tomatoes.


A pot of gold

Friday night while rummaging through the freezer I came upon something.

Something which is akin to a pot of gold for summer sweetness starved eaters.

I found not one, but two bags of frozen strawberries. gold.jpg

Somehow I had forgotten they were in there. And they choose now to reappear, in all their glorious wonder.

Oh man, I would only have been happier if the bags were filled with 20s.

You see, these are the first strawberries we’ve had in about 9 months. Maybe longer. The downside to eating locally and seasonally is that you aren’t able to eat what you want at any given moment. But then there are moments like this. Where something as simple as a strawberry can, for a moment, captivate your mind in such a manner to make you reassess the plans you’ve already made. The looks on the faces of the family when I carried those up from the basement were indescribable right now. Utter amazement that we would be able to eat strawberries right now.

(It was at this moment that I was glad that we lived about a mile from the store because we needed some whipping cream so we could make whipped cream for our strawberry shortcake!)

Man, it was delicious.


Edible Iowa River Valley

If you live in Eastern Iowa make sure you check out this local food magazine.  They focus on local food products to help you localize your food needs.

Edible Iowa River Valley

I updated my local chow page to include even more information based on what I found in the most recent issue.


Advanced weapons pictures

I was recently sent these pictures with the nice headline “Your military under the Democrats”. I of course take exception to that. I prefer to think of these pictures as examples of how the military will look after our Republican “leadership” bankrupts our country.


A patrol boat


Precision shooting weapon


Troop transport (replacement for the Humvee)

By the way, are you under the mistaken notion that the Democrats can’t control their spending? Check out this chart of our debt levels under the past 6 presidents.


From this story.

A basket of things

Mental note, pinto beans are much better when they are cooked longer. Yesterday after eating our meal I though they needed to cook longer so I turned them on low for the better part of the evening. They turned out much better. Unfortunately they also turned out super hot. They are almost unbearably hot. I’m not surprised. I put a ton of peppers and spicy things in them but apparantly the quick cooking yesterday didn’t bring out the full fire. Yowzaa!

A while back I had the post about my bread and I asked if anyone could figure out the sign in the top of the bread.   No one got it.  The symbol is the symbol for Pi.  Flip the loaf around 180 degrees in your head and you’ll see it. 

Here’s a recent pic of my bread making from this past weekend.  I was trying to make some sandwich/all purpose bread.  It worked.  This was good stuff.  I just used the basicsta70557.JPG bread recipe from the cookbook that came with my Kitchenaide, only I patiently let the bread rise for quite a while this time.  It turned out good.  I could have let the 2nd rise take longer and I’ll make sure to do that next time to get more fluffiness.

I’m sure you are all tired of seeing bread at this point.  I promise there probably won’t be anymore posts about making bread. 

Gardening season is upon us.  I’m planning to get started this weekend on building more raised beds and hopefully get the peas and such planted.