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Pizza it is

At times I often ponder the strangest things. For the life of me I could not figure out why pizza was such a huge deal at birthday parties. Yeah, pizza is good (unless it’s the pizza from Chuckie Cheese) but why the hell do kids love it so much?

I think I’ve figured out the mystery. It’s the parents pushing the pizza, not the kids. The kids like it, but now that I’ve had to deal with birthday parties and cake and screaming kids I totally understand pushing pizza on them. It’s so easy and most the time you can have a different person make it. From what I can tell the kids would like just about anything because they are just so damn excited to be in the moment having a party. But the parents are way more calculating and conniving than that. Oh yeah. You parents know what I’m talking about.

Totally get it. Just though you might want some analysis on that.


Weight Loss Update

It’s been a busy week. Sorry for the lack of posts. This week was the week of tiredness. All the activity caught up with me and I was tired, tired, tired.

Still am, even after teenager levels of sleep this weekend.


Gained a pound back this week. It was a really bad week for me food wise. I followed my WODs but I want to increase the activity level more. Even though I’m usually really tired when I’m done I’m not sure if it’s enough activity. We’ll see how this week goes. I’m going to get back on the food wagon and see if I can lose a couple more next week.

For Dog Lovers

If you are a dog lover you’ll probably want to read this story.

8 years in 8 minutes

In case you haven’t seen it yet…

Weight Loss Update #2, and More!

What a crazy 2 weeks the last 2 weeks have been.  We had a crazy visit from my wife’s friend Jenn, a couple feet of snow (really), temperatures a 30 below zero, about 5 or 6 missed school days, lots of missed work (I wouldn’t say I was missing it) and other crazy things.  Plus, a new workout regime.  Crazy times.

The chickens went through the really cold weather really well.  They spent a lot of time inside their coop and it really, really needs to be cleaned out.  The weather report doesn’t look favorable for that but maybe I can at least add some bedding to the bottom so it is a little more tidy.

I thought I might have more to say than that, but I don’t.

My WOD yesteday was a killer.  It took me 70 minutes to work through it.  I had to take a fair amount of breaks while I was doing it.  My legs couldn’t handle all the attention.  I can tell I’m getting stronger though.  I can pound out a fair amount of pushups now and I’m starting to see some of the quick movement action when I’m doing a pullup.  Not to mention I’m not nearly as sore as I was last week.

273.  2 more pounds this week.

5 pounds total.  In the past 2 weeks I’ve burnt 17,500 calories more than I ate.  (3500 calories per pound of fat)  That’s pretty amazing.


It’s supposed to hit -17 for a low tonight! 

Man alive.  -40 with the wind.

Feel a little sorry for the chickens.

Orlov Hits One Out of the Park

I don’t agree with every single things he says, but for the most part he is spot on.

Club Orlov

Fantastic writing.