Fly with the wind my friend, fly with the wind!!

Bike Miles today: 9

Tough ride to work this morning. I should have had a sign in front of me today when I was pedaling warning of extreme headwinds ahead. I soldiered on hoping that I would get the return benefit on the way home. And boy did I.

The wind was blowing a lot harder in the afternoon, and I was literally flying down the road. I had the gears wrapped all the way up and my chubby little legs were just hammering up and down on the pedals. I don’t even remember a lot of the ride I was focusing on churning the pedals and using the tailwind so much. I can’t remember having a tailwind that strong before. It is a great feeling to be flying up and down the hills and passing cars as they slow down for traffic. That’s a feeling you can’t replicate in the gym.

I promised a messenger bag review today but I’m going to try the bag for a few more days to make sure my love of the bag isn’t too quick. God knows I don’t want to fall head over heals on the first date. After riding home from work in the snow last Friday I have to perform a little TLC on the trusty steed tonight before it revolts on me or something.

I’ve decided to start referring to myself as FGLB. Is it OK to give myself a nickname, if that is what this is? I don’t really know the rules on nicknames. Are you only allowed to use a nickname if someone bestows it upon you? Do acronyms count as a nickname?

I tried to search the net for a list of nickname rules but came up empty. So I’m left to wonder the etiquette of nicknames. In college we would bust the chops of guys who would give themselves a nickname, but we busted everyone for anything we could find so does that really count? I don’t know. All I know is that I just wasted 5 minutes of my life writing all this dribble about nicknames.



One response to “Fly with the wind my friend, fly with the wind!!

  1. When the alternative is repeatedly typing something as long as “Fat Guy On a Little Bike,” you’re definitely entitled to revert to an acronym.

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