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Lately I’ve been mulling the idea of starting a second blog to help differentiate subjects and focus the discussion on specific subjects.

I wanted to solicit your inputs on this. The breakdown is as follows:

Fat Guy: This blog would remain a mouthpiece for random crap that spews out of my head, not to mention biking and living a life that focuses on reducing car use in the world. I imagine that this blog would be more free ranging and less focused on specific subjects than the second blog.

Blog #2: This blog would be mostly about cooking/food/eating local/eating fresh/gardening and other associated topics similar to those subjects. I imagine this blog would stay more focused on those specific subjects than FGLB would.

I know there are some bikers who read this blog and I wanted to solicit your input specifically. Would you like to have two separate blogs so you can kind of know what to expect when to visit each one? Or is it preferred to have one place that just ranges all over the place and no one cares because my writing is so witty and such compelling reading that it’s must read internet?

What about those of you who are just reading because it’s me and you want to see what I’m saying? (ie, friends and family) Do you care?

Post a comment and let me know what you think. Or feel free to drop me a note to bikingmatt at

On another topic, my computer has been going haywire the past few weeks. It apparently has been taken over by about 6000 worms and viruses. I’m trying to get that cleaned up, and also get it to recognize my camera to post pictures, but the posts will be sporadic because of that. I’m about to go Luca Brasi on it.



5 responses to “Post Topics

  1. I like the randomness of the blog but I am Mom so do tend to find it all interesting. Will you be able to find the time to commit to two separate typings, which sometimes covers all the topics in one entry?? HMMMMM?

  2. I prefer it all together.

  3. I’m going with what your mom said.

    My blog goes all over the place, sometimes I don’t mention bikes for a couple of posts.

    My mom (She’s 64) reads my blog as well and she likes it just the way it is.

  4. All bikes, all the time. I’m shallow and have a singletrack mind.

    My mom doesn’t even know I have a blog. She’s 75, doesn’t have a computer, and things I’m nuts for riding mountain bikes hard enough to raise my pulse rate and occasionally crash.

    Food discussions? How many ways are there to eat a Clif Bar?

  5. Make that thinKs I’m nuts.

    Although “things my nuts” does have a certain ring to it …

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